Ray DeeZy’s “No Love Lost 2” EP Drops April 19

Ray DeeZy

By Damion Smalls

Charleston artist Ray DeeZy plans to release the sequel to his 2018 EP “No Love Lost” April 19 with “No Love Lost 2: Red Wine & Reefa.” This is his latest project since the deluxe edition of the “When It All Boils Down” EP hit streaming services in January 2019. While “No Love Lost” was an ode to the impeccable sound of 1990’s hip-hop, part two’s theme is a modern celebration of recreation.

“After a long hard day of working hard, and going hard, everybody wants to come home and reward themselves after a long day,” the rapper/producer says. With more and more people juggling 40+ hour work weeks (with additional side jobs or school) just to pay the bills, keeping a close eye on their health, taking care of their families, fighting the “imposter syndrome,” and putting their dreams on hold all at the same time, life can seem less fun than it should. If you work hard, taking time to relax isn’t evil, DeeZy explains.

The EP’s subtitle is a nod to how DeeZy takes it easy. It’s not a direct “do as I do” message from DeeZy; just a plea to listeners to take some time out of their busy schedules to unwind and ease their minds. “We all have our vices and recreational habits, so for me, after a long day I reward myself with a glass of red wine and a smoke,” he divulges.

“Red Wine & Reefa” will consist of five tracks, selected by DeeZy’s meticulous thought process. A music producer and songwriter capable of combining genres and success with experimentation, he has in the past incorporated electric samples, clever wordplay, expositional interludes, and a heavy Gullah influence in his catalog. Listeners should expect smoothly laced tracks behind a retro-sounding flow marinated in good vibes and Charleston-styled “Black Boy Joy.”

The artist shared a snippet of “Just R!de,” the first song off the EP to be shared publicly, on his social media April 8. New merchandise from Ray DeeZy on deezyland.com will accompany the release of “No Love Lost 2”. The EP will be available on the website and all digital platforms. “Treat yourself,” the Goose Creek native says. DeeZy is promoting his newest musical project to be the soundtrack for 4/20 observances locally.

Follow the artist on his social media pages (Instagram: @gullahgod843; Facebook:@gullahgod843; Snapchat: @raydeezythedon) for more details on the No Love Lost 2 Release Party, to be held April 20 at 5524 Dutton Avenue – Suite B3 in North Charleston from 4pm to 7pm. Tickets are $5 at the door.

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