Early Learning Creates Community at W.B. Goodwin Elementary

Jatonya Frasier

There is a lot to learn about entering Kindergarten. That’s why staff members at W.B. Goodwin Elementary School (WBGES) are helping families get an early jump on the 2019-2020 school year through their series of “CD Head Start Parent Meetings.”

Jatonya Frasier, Goodwin’s Head Start Family Advocate, helped organize a meeting just before Spring Break on March 20, 2019, to build on an established, positive relationship with the school community.

About 20 families attended the event, which served as an opportunity for parents to register their preschool-aged children for Kindergarten and to encourage healthy eating in a creative and fun way. Frasier looks for opportunities to connect with families and this week she did it through nutrition.

During the meeting, parents worked with their children to make a butterfly. They started by sorting food into four categories: grain, protein, fruit, and vegetable. Then they followed some simple directions to create a healthy, “edible” butterfly.

Edible butterfly materials

“We wanted to promote healthy eating habits and to find ways to make healthy eating fun for the preschoolers and their families,” explained Frasier. As families made their butterflies, Frasier discussed healthy eating habits to prepare students for Kindergarten.

Parents were provided materials from the United States Department of Agriculture such as colorful handouts, activity books, and other information centered on healthy eating. The parents and families that attended enjoyed the fun atmosphere, while at the same time, understood the intentional message of community.

“We have to spend time with our children, which is very important to me,” said Kassandra Colon, a WBGES parent. “The activity was fun and we learned about eating the right foods in the right portions. I want to be involved in my child’s school.”

Angel Ramirez Rodriguez makes an edible butterfly

Building on a parent meeting last month, parents were able to be register for Kindergarten. This workshop helped families take their first steps in understanding what it means to be ready, with healthy habits and routines that will prepare their child for Kindergarten.

Frasier and the WBGES staff plan to hold at least two more “CD Head Start Parent Meetings” with parents and community members this school year, with the overall goal of increasing engagement at Goodwin.

For more information about “CD Head Start Parent Meetings,” or how to support WBGES, contact Principal Natasha Jones at (843) 767-5911.

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