Tawana Tee and SALIS Hosts AUX Cord Party April 7

Publicist Tawana Tee and Indie/Hip-hop artist SALIS, collectively known as “Tee N Mac,” will host an AUX cord party Sunday, April 7 from 2PM-6PM at Ink N Ivy. Through an on-site registration, attendees will sign up to play their favorite songs and/or playlist during the day party—from an iPhone connected to an AUX cord.

Crowd participation will be encouraged, and to help the host determine if the playlist will run its entire set (5 song maximum) . The crowd will be able to request to:

1. “Pull the AUX Cord”: No dancing/vibing to music; playlist not favored by crowd.

2. “Skip”: Ask the “DJ” (or event host) to skip to the next song (2 skips will automatically end the set).

3. “Repeat”: Request that a particular song be played again during the event.

The concept is to allow attendees to “Be the DJ” and set the tone for the party. All genres are welcomed, however, the party will start and end with a curated Hip-Hop/R&B playlist by Tee N Mac .

The curator of the best playlist will win a pair of tickets to the highly anticipated Cultura Fest on April 20, 2019 at the Royal American (970 Morrison Drive). Other prizes will be available for second and third place winners.

Tickets are $5, with the proceeds from the event being donated to the No Boys Allowed College Tour. This event will also serve as an opportunity for indie artists to share music with a new fan base.

Attendees can pre-register at [email protected] or e-mail for more information.

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