The New Zealand 50 and the Current Worlds of Denials

By Hakim Abdul-Ali

Death awaits us all and no one knows how or when he or she will leave this present phase of existence. That’s a definite certainty about the living experience for all “hue-mans,” and there’s no denying that process. The very specter of death brings me to my topic for this week, and it’s about the recent terroristic attacks on two Islamic sacred sanctuaries in Christchurch, New Zealand, by yet another crazed global white supremacist, operating under the extremely delusional and highly bigoted flaws of Euro-centered ethnic racial popularism.

This neo-Nazi terrorist’s name was Brenton Harrison Tarrant, 28, and he was born in Australia. Under the guise of his self-professed, renewed white power activism, Tarrant entered two different Muslim mosques, on the Muslims’ congregational day, and while they were engaged in prayer, this bigot assassinated 50 innocent Muslims.

47 were slaughtered at Al Noor Masjid, one at Linwood Islamic Centre and two others died at a nearby hospital. This dreadful event shook the worldwide Muslim and other affected global communities to their very core as they realized that terrorism and extremism had struck once again.

And even more painful is the fact that some diffident and hesitant global politicians failed to call the hideous slaughter of the Muslims in Christchurch for what it was—religious and ethnic terrorism, short and blatantly simple.

For your general information, the victims of the Christchurch attacks were listed as welcomed immigrants in New Zealand, and they originally came from diverse lands ranging from Jordan, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Indonesia. Tragically, even a little 3-year-old boy named Mucad Ibrahim, who was in his father’s arm, was murdered by Tarrant. At this late juncture, thirty-six victims of the massacre remained hospitalized. It’s to be noted and reported that two men and a female have been arrested, along with Tarrant, in conjunction with this horrific massacre.

From the solo racist white supremacist sparked killing of one in Charlottesville, Virginia, to the grisly deaths of 11 and wounding of 6 innocent congregants of a Jewish synagogue in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, no one really seems to know where the next fanatical maniacs are going to surface to ply their dastardly and wicked deeds in the name of white supremacy and extremism.

These immoral mental sicknesses, which have become escalating parts of mainstream political rhetoric all over the world, stifles the rarified air of respectful decency for all ethnically diverse, tolerant folks of all religions, creeds and hues everywhere, who believe that being at peace with each other should be a commonplace practice and not a craved for wish.

Those who deny, e.g., that white supremacy, Islamophobia, anti- Jewish sentiments, cultural discriminations and various other longstanding ethnic hatreds do not exist are the same ones who deny that religious classism and racial apartheid aren’t in existence anymore. To the contrary, the sins of their concealed denials are as apparent as the noses on their hooded faces.

I offer that while asking you not to forget the terroristic attacks in Norway in 2014 by mass murderer Anders Breivik, the Emanuel AME Church killings in 2015 where nine members were killed by racial war baiter Dylann Roof in Charleston, South Carolina, the 2015 and 2016 bombing attacks in Marseille, France and, more recently, the killing of 3 people on a bus in the Dutch city of Utrecht by Gokmen Tanis.

To forget these and other past harrowing global atrocities is to be complicit in the denials that extremism, apartheid and bigotries have, somehow or the other, left the building like Elvis allegedly did. No, the world-at-large, is receiving continuing frightful, ghastly and sinister wake-up calls that radical injustices remains and are very omnipresent and escalating at unforeseen, unfathomed degrees towards and against the unsuspecting populace of all ethnic perspectives and religious persuasions.

And all this is occurring while planned ethnic cleansing of all types are still happening right before our very unwary eyes, and many local, national and global so-called leaders give mere token lip service speeches in doing absolutely nothing about ending the resounding signs of stifling racism, religious intolerances, collateral bigotries and clandestine bigoted popularism.

To be frank with you, I’m not so surprised though by the actions of certain elected political do-nothing pundits and figure heads because, in many instances, they’ve only been selected to carry out the not-so-hidden agendas of the secretive power elite. Sometimes, I wonder as I wander, why certain common everyday folk can’t see what is clearly being done to them, many times in the guise of hidden white political supremacy, pure and simple.

I know that some of us here in the very politically tinged and, oftentimes, religiously biased America only see things through the dark colored nonpartisan lenses of our own spiritual miseducation, cultural limitations and self-hatred abnormalities. There’s no denying that, especially, if you study the landscape of the original forefathers’ thinking and imaginations.

Even in today’s 21st century, we should never forget what the initial blueprint was for their country, and “it didn’t include” folk of color being treated as nor for them to be accepted as full citizens of America, entitled to all that was supposed to be only for the forefathers’ ethnic kin and their descendants. To deny that “his-storical” truth is to, well, again, deny that white supremacy and popularism is not embedded in many of today’s leaders of the world’s hearts, minds and souls.

Listen, I know that are some very well meaning and fair seeming “hue-mans” of all colors out there who are not prejudiced, hateful and disrespectful to others, no matter what their religious persuasions, skin tones or ethnic backgrounds are. I must add, and you certainly should know, “his-torically” speaking, that nobody is an original in this land except the so-called Indian, and you can’t deny what terroristic happenings occurred to them.

I love the potentially great-to-be America, even though I know it’s still a very separate and unequal tinderbox waiting for the “next” nut job to come along and do his or her own white supremacist or extremist thing. That’s why when these gruesome actions like what happened in New Zealand occur, we must look at the underlying reasonings behind these quacks’ ulterior motives and sinister intents.

Many folk, on a spiritual scale, believe like I do that these folk do these random terroristic acts to incite universal race, ethnic, cultural and religious wars. There may be other nuttier reasons for these lunatics doing what they do, but I firmly believe that there’s much wisdom to what I alluded to in the previous sentence.

So, yes, there’s no denying we have some serious issues to deal with, but we need to and can take some “real” concrete spiritual and moral steps in stopping the madness of intolerance that clearly is prevalent in our nation and in many sectors of the rest of the world. It calls for standing up for respecting the right of every “hue-man” being to be respected by any means necessary, without hatred or malice.

That’s a beginning step in crippling the dreaded weeds of apartheid, bigotry, racism, classism, etc. from taking root in our present day hearts, souls and minds. We all need to give it some major thought before it’s too late. So, please don’t deny the signs of the times because our very lives depends on it. “Death waits for no one.” Peace and for today and always, that’s, “As I See It.”

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