Breakdancing May Break into the Summer Olympic Games

Breakdancing in the 1980s

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( – Breakdancing, an art form started by African-American teenagers that has spread all over the world, may break into the 2024 Summer Olympic Games in Paris as a new sport.

The list of additional sports for inclusion will be revealed this week by the local organizing committee. Breakdancing is an acrobatic form of street dancing set to hip-hop music. Breakdancing appeared in 2018’s Summer Youth Olympic Games in Buenos Aires, Argentina, choreographed as battles decided by judges.

The contests fell under the auspices of the World Dance Sport Federation. Breakdancing was created by Black teenagers in the late 60s and 70s. Since then it has been practiced all over the world, including in Japan, Russia, Cambodia, Brazil, France, Japan, Latvia and South Korea. Also under consideration for inclusion in the 2024 Summer Olympics are surfing, squash and sport climbing.The number of athletes who will participate in the 2024 games will be capped at 10,500, reports Agency French Press.

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