Bike Share Program Continues to Provide Affordable Transportation for Charleston Residents

Just Ride, an affordable bike share membership program in Charleston, recently reached a milestone. The program surpassed 1000 total trips since its inception in April 2018. The program, which provides low- to moderate-income adults with access to the Holy Spokes bike share system for $5 a year, reached over 1,518 miles ridden, reduced over 1,339 pounds of carbon, and its members burned more than 60,747 calories over the last 10 months.

The goal of the program is to expand bike share access to everyone. The cost is $5 a year, which includes 2 hours of ride time a day and comes with a free helmet for rider safety. Charleston locals can purchase memberships with cash, check or money order at select sign-up centers throughout the peninsula.

To sign up, low-to moderate-income residents can bring $5 to one of the sign-up centers and fill out a short form. They will be given a membership identification card that will unlock the bike for up to 2 hours per day, including the ability to put it on hold for 30 minutes. There is not a qualification process to sign-up, nor are residents required to show proof of income. The program is simply intended to serve community members who feel they would benefit from it.

The Just Ride sign-up center locations are (during business hours):

  • Bridgeview Village Office, 108 North Romney Street
  • Shaw Community Center, 20 Mary Street
  • Arthur W. Christopher Community Center, 265 Fishburne Street
  • Charleston City Recreation, 823 Meeting Street

Just Ride is a partnership project with Enough Pie, along with partners Charleston Moves, Gotcha Bike and the City of Charleston. The program launched last year, with grant support from Better Bike Share Partnership, and has continued to grow with increased ridership.

“The Just Ride program is designed to increase the access of the Holy Spokes bike share program to everyone across the peninsula,” said Ian Palacios, Community Manager of Holy Spokes. “We want to encourage those without accessible transportation to sign-up.”

Just Ride has relocated 2 Holy Spokes bike share hubs to Charleston’s upper peninsula where access was lacking. Users can now find a hub at the corner of King and Grove Streets near the Food Lion, and another at Bridgeview Village Apartments near Magnolia Cemetery, amongst the other 28 hubs throughout the peninsula.

“This program is vital to our neighborhoods. It’s important to encourage alternate, affordable, and healthy transportation options for residents,” said Vaughn Postema, a Just Ride ambassador and resident of Charleston’s North Central Neighborhood. “As an ambassador for Just Ride, it is exciting to see the program continue to grow and provide the necessary resources my community needs.”

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