With No Apologies Necessary

By Hakim Abdul-Ali

Today’s article, “With No Apologies Necessary,” is one that, hopefully, will make you think about a lot of things if you’re a person of color. It’s about family unity, awareness and some other topical issues, and how they don’t seem to grab as much provocative attention today in this, oftentimes, contradictory and fabricated worlds of delusions we live in.

While addressing the subject of family unity, I do so after having listened to an older relative of mine speak to me about how it seems that certain segments of our family’s tree today doesn’t really care or have the slightest interest in researching, maintaining, preserving and restoring our unique family lineage.

This troubled me because without the knowledge of one’s authentic familial past story, even my own, how can you expect legitimately to conserve and carry on in the future with “our-story?” Does that scenario apply to you and your very own familial unit?

Respectfully, I’m a big admirer of any and all globally ethnic folk who research and desire to know more about their ethnic heritages, particularly in this salad bowl concoctions of “mixed” this and “multi-blended” that ethnically “colored” folk called Americans. So, I’m not shocked by the amazements galore that many unaware, self-searching Americans, who appear to be flabbergasted when they discover what they are made of. Sounds familiar?

While you’re thinking about that, I, along time ago, knew that everyone, who is in creation, is (and was) created by the supreme power of creation, the One I humbly refer to as the Most High Alone. And, as a result of this spirited comprehension, I always looked at the varied ethnic groupings of all “hue-manity” as being parts of a universal family of created “colored” souls of sort.

Everyone’s unique biological and anthropological family tree of “hue-manity”originated in Afrika. The denials of this indubitable knowledge and incontrovertible fact hinders some modern-day racial sectarians and political segregationists from accepting that “everyone’s” origin emanated from the Motherland of all nations and folks, a continental birthplace place we call Afrika.

I offer that sterling wisdom “With No Apologies Necessary.” I know that colonial lies of self-serving miseducation and plantation systematic anti-Afrikan myths have permeated the halls of Occidental academia with alarming inaccuracies for centuries. This is today and I’m asking you upfront, “Who still teaches the uncontested, basic truth that Afrika is not the birthplace of “hue -manity” except in the plantation school systems of deceptions today?”

If you’d like and need outside credible validation of what I just said about Afrika being the Motherland of all, please purchase a copy of Dr. Spencer Wells’ book, “The Journey of Man.” It’s an absolute literary treasure and a bibliophile’s must-have in his or her home and/or personal libraries. Also, Dr. Wells did himself one better by putting his findings about “hue-mankind’s” origins in a DVD by the same name of the book, and it’s stellar production to say the least.

Maybe, because he’s a Euro-American, it may help a few doubting souls better digest his unquestionable research and findings. Being an Afro-American has always placed me in inquisitive zones of imaginative thinking, always wondering about what section of the Motherland did my distant relatives and ancestors’ roots come from.

I must admit that, until this very day, I’m completely obsessed with this preoccupation and, please forgive me for using that word “imaginative” because I can only remotely conceptualize what my known and unknown ancestors went through as captives in a foreign and hostile reality. Because of that, I always tell them, in my very personal unima inative remembrances of what they endured and experienced, “Never Again!”

And when I envision my own family’s lineage, a noble group of folk, who somehow or the other, endured the oppressive, enslaved-like environs of South Carolina before escaping and heading north and elsewhere during the early 20th century, I’m forever thinking also of their spiritual liberation.

Spiritual liberation, “Never Again” and other redemptive cries of freedom runs through my veins and are themes forever embodied in my thinking, even as I write. Somehow, I assume, that concept seems to be a prevalent dragnet upon the catnapping consciousness of many abstract-minded Afrikan-Americans, who expect their “his-storically” systematic oppressors to accept them as social equals into their supremacist moral and political “hue- man” family inner and outer circles.

I believe those points are relevant because, as I find myself listening to many of today’s young Afrikan-centered and aware youth, I must take notice. These ever-aware young folk, who desire a breathing place where their love of being who they are, possessing the knowledge of present day realities and issues, along with an immense sense of Black community pride, makes me, as an elder, feel that I must leave them with something positive in continuing the struggles for freedom, justice and equality for all “With No Apologies Necessary.”

It’s like a rite of familial inheritance to help the aware advance in preserving what others long gone left behind for them to carry on because another truth is that “time waits for no one.”

Add to this the fact that we have to (re)learn and implement the universal concept of “doing for self” in our own lifetimes in order to survive. I astutely believe that the “doing for self” hashtag might seem like an overused, time warped and outdated motto of self-empowerment, but it is as real as real can get to me.

Sometimes, I think about that, especially, in light of many of today’s current reports surfacing about the nation’s Black buying habits and patterns, making others, who clearly don’t care two cents about them, rich as you know who. Same storyline with the same song and dance.

Nothing’s new in the exploitation game(s) towards us. Who’s to blame? I ask that “With No Apologies Necessary.”

So, find fault with me if you will, but I can’t and will not blame an exploiter, victimizer or an oppressor for socking it to us when we won’t support our own products and businesses. If we are that literally stupid enough, and I do mean stupid, to continue to support these local, foreign and national chains who discriminate against—-it’s our own unintelligent faults.

So, listen “Family,” that’s as simply as I can, or will, put it to you, “With No Apologies Necessary.” For today and always, that’s, “As I See It.”

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