10 CCSD Students to Participate in Boeing South Carolina High School Internship Program

Administrators of the Boeing South Carolina High School Internship Program have accepted ten Charleston County School District (CCSD) seniors to participate in this year’s spring cohort. The students are paid to work Monday through Friday from 1:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. Their first day on the job was Friday, February 15, 2019.

Their excitement at orientation was written all over their face. It is a competitive application process that involves resumes, reference letters, and real-life interviews. Joshua Sandoval a Garrett Academy senior chose to apply for the program because it directly leads to the career he’s been interested in.

“I’m seeking a Mechanical Engineering degree, and this gives me the opportunity to discover future jobs available to me,” said Sandoval. “I want to learn, discover and build my resume and prove who I am to my community. I want to give my community hope that anyone can do anything if they try hard enough.”

Sandoval has been accepted to Clemson University and is waiting on a response from prestigious schools such as M.I.T. and Georgia Tech. Mechanical Engineering has been his dream profession since he was in second grade. The students work on a specific reclamation program that sorts small parts from the manufacturing process for reuse and recycling. They are also afforded many opportunities to see behind the scenes in the Boeing process and forge invaluable relationships with professionals.

“This is a real-world experience for these students,” said Chad Vail, Work Based Learning Partnership Coordinator with Career & Technology Education (CTE). “Their resumes are evaluated, and the students go through the interview process plus several onboarding steps.”

Participating students include:

Dinh Le, Charleston Charter School for Math & Science

Faith Polite, Charleston Charter School for Math & Science

Verenice Avila, Garrett Academy

Aquil Jenkins, Garrett Academy

Joshua Sandoval, Garrett Academy

Shy’Dazja Wright, Garrett Academy

Branden Foster, RB Stall High School

Mikai Keitt, Wando High School

Tyler Stryker, Wando High School

Joshua Harrington, West Ashley High School

This is the fifth year that the CTE department has coordinated the Boeing South Carolina High School Internship Program opportunity, growing the total number of spots with each new cohort.

“This program is a win-win for Boeing and the students,” said Erin Fisher, manager of global engagement at Boeing South Carolina. “The students have an opportunity to engage in on the job training while Boeing extends our reach in the local community to engage our future workforce.”

Shy’Dazja Wright learned about the program from a classmate. She wants to be a lawyer but also wants to explore professional options. “Boeing is more than just airplanes,” said Wright. “I wanted to find out for myself if there were opportunities for me within the aviation industry.”

For more information about CCSD’s Career and Technology Education, visit ccsdschools.com.


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