On the Way to a Pensive Thought

By Hakim Abdul-Ali

Life is an introspective journey in more ways than one. I’ve come to that realization while going through many of the most difficult and exhilarating periods of my own life. I believe that if you’re completely honest with yourself, you’d probably say the same thing. Oftentimes, life makes us think about what we’ve all gone through thus far. All of life’s experiences are the absolute very best teachers, bar none.

As a reflective soul I revere and look at life through spiritual lenses of understanding and interpretations. For me, that’s the only way I can make sense out of some of the things that have happened. I think we all need to be that way and, because we’re created souls, we should know that our existences and everything else that is presently occurring, or will be happening, is under the Creator’s control.

Now, while I’m on that theme and continuing “On the Way to Another Pensive Thought,” I must add that being aware that the Most High is in charge is a thought worth never forgetting. Being aware of this makes a wise student humble himself/herself to the Creator’s master plan called peace within one’s self and for “hue-manity” at-large.

It’s appropriate at this present time that I touch on this thought as a wake up call and a spiritual reminder to everyone that there are some of us who are destroying the vibe of what peace for all is supposed to be about.

In writing this article I’m feeling that we all need a self-imposed reality check to grasp the extent of what’s really happening to us. We all need take a look at the continual oppressive ethnic divides, political shenanigans and religious hatred that exists everywhere. It’s enough to make an oppressed soul wonder if freedom, justice and equality are possible, or are they only for a privileged religious grouping or those of a certain skin tone. I’m throwing that out to you with no malice towards anyone, because, quite frankly, the world as we know it right now, is in a messy state of being. I trust that you comprehend what I’m saying. I stand fervently by what I believe.

For you is yours, and for me is mine is how I look at most folk and what they are into. The “I’ll do my own thing” world that we live in now has obviously turned away from many traditional spiritual forms and some have even invented their own philosophical standards of spirituality. So be it. Many colonial, conventional and fixed puritanical folk in the world, sadly, hate to admit this, but you name it, and someone, somewhere, is literally doing his or her own thing, denouncing what they were raised to follow and except. Seemingly, the old values, vanguards and empires are changing and falling, one by one, right before our very eyes.

Some of these transitions have come about because of steep denials of, objections to and jettisoning from illogical myths, customs and traditions of cultures that do not reflect the rejectors’ own experiences. Many folk are rejecting what they were once taught because an awakened sense of identity in their hearts, minds and souls.

So, if “thoughts are truly synonymous to actions” is a given, then it makes sense that so many folk all over the world are escaping from cultural ties, religious indoctrinations and identities that are not theirs for ones with which they feel more comfortable. No one should deny that the search for self for any lost soul seeking wisdom is an ever-persistent struggle.

I’m sure that some of these rejecting, struggling folk have done so due to having a thought or two of being inwardly sick and tired of feeling miseducated, scorned, deprived and unwelcome by their oppressors. Some mentally enslaved souls may never leave their mental prisons. When a soul does desire to seek truth about anything then he or she is no longer the captive of his or her oppressor and of his or her own idleness. Searching for truth lasts a lifetime.

While on that seeking truth topic, I’d like to suggest that you get a copy of a 2003 documentary The Journey of Man: A Genetic Odyssey. It’s a mind blowing film (and book) by anthropologist and geneticist Spencer Wells. It will forever settle the question of who you are and from where your true roots extend.

Remember knowledge is powerful and now is the best time for all folk of “hue-manity” to put themselves in check for some serious study and pay homage to the Creator. Think about that. For today and always, that’s, “As I See It.”

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