Origin SC’s Debt Management Program

Do you find yourself overwhelmed with credit card debt? Do you want to start your new year by improving your financial situation? You’re not alone.

A client came to Origin SC with over $60,000 in credit card debt and was overwhelmed with making her minimum monthly payments which totaled around $1900, which caused her budget to have a $400 deficit monthly. Origin’s Debt Management Program reduced her monthly payments and interest rates, saving her over $400/month, 22 years of repayment, and $42,000 in interest fees! She now has a balanced budget and will be debt free within just 5 years.

Origin SC’s Debt Management Program is an integrated counseling service that assists consumers who are overwhelmed with credit card debt. They develop consolidated payment programs that include lower interest rates and monthly payments which are made directly to our office and distributed appropriately to the creditors on the behalf of the client.

For a free consultation, please complete the secure online budget application here: https://originsc.org/general-budget-worksheet/

Individuals can also schedule an appointment with a licensed credit counselor by calling 843.735.7802 or send an email to [email protected].

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