“The Martin Luther King March” is the Official Anthem for MLK Celebrations!

Composed by Dr. Curtis Dodson, “The Martin Luther King March” is an “anthem” that takes the listeners on an emotional journey down memory lane. For some, it’s the actual times they marched with Dr. King; for others, it’s the pride and encouragement they felt watching the march on TV. Yet, for this new generation, it is a reminder, an introduction of someone and something greater than ourselves.  

Dr. King’s legacy & influence transcends the boundaries of race, gender, color or socio-economic status. He was truly a man for all the people, and the endearing lyrics of “The Martin Luther King March” reflect this virtue. This is a rendition on the grand order of “The Hallelujah Chorus”, “The Star Spangled Banner”, “Battle Hymn Republic”, etc. If anyone deserves his own “March”, it is Dr. Martin Luther King.  

“The Martin Luther King March” is destined to become the soundtrack for the thousands of annual “King Week & Black History Month Celebrations” at schools, churches, colleges & social organizations across America and around the world. This composition is perfectly suited for Marching Bands, Concert Bands, Choral Groups Church Choirs and Orchestras.

The originator, Dr. Curtis Dodson, (Dr. D) is a noted poet, speaker, minister and educator. He holds a B.A. in Psychiatric Social Work, a Th.M. in Christian Counseling, and a Th.D. in Christian Counseling. Curtis has devoted a lifetime to helping disadvantaged children of all races. He has received numerous awards and commendation for his thousands of hours of volunteer service to various non-profit organizations.

Dr. Curtis Dodson

Unlike the hundreds of other creative works which he has written over the years, Dr. D tells us that “God gave him ‘The Martin Luther King March’ in a dream.”  

He woke up on that morning singing “Here Comes Martin Luther”.  Realizing what was coming forth, he immediately got up and began to write out the rest of the words flowing from heaven. He is eternally grateful to have been chosen to write this tribute to such a worthy man, who undertook such a noble cause for us all.  

In 1986, Dr. D was a part of a group which brought Mrs. Coretta Scott King to Los Angeles and honored her with a “Hollywood Star Studded Banquet”, a tribute to her personal contribution to the King Legacy.  She told the audience, of the times (when her husband was preparing to leave the house heading into uncertain danger), how she, as a wife and mother would express her concerns for his safety. However even though she knew how much he loved her and the children, he would feel obligated to  attend the rallies so that the people wouldn’t get discouraged.

We are endeavoring to make “The Martin Luther King March” the official Anthem for the annual “King Week Celebration”. Help us make this great song The Annual Anthem for this Great Man.  

You can help by:

1.     Sharing this information

2.     Purchasing the song (which is a YES Vote to make it happen)


3.    Play the song at your MLK celebrations

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