Understanding When Things Go South

By Hakim Abdul-Ali

I’m writing today about a conversation I had with a white American reader of mine I ran into recently. I hadn’t seen this her in a while, but whenever we met she was always in a good spirits and seemingly not having a care in the world.

On this occasion though, she was perplexed and rather sad because of the holiday season and she the fact that she was now unemployed, in addition to her gentleman friend who was no longer around. For some reason, unbeknownst to her (and those were her exact relayed thoughts and feelings to me), she began by telling me about how miserable and dejected she felt and about her present personal dilemmas and about life in general.

In many ways this once so effervescent lady now seemed traumatized by her current states of affairs and could be likened to many other very diverse ethnic “hue-man” beings who are also experiencing similar tests of the will. I know to some readers that may sound a little cliche, but to those who are experiencing real emotional pain, angst and despair, “being without” during any season of the year can and does bring about severe feelings of emptiness and loneliness.

Life is what it is and oftentimes it teaches us about many covert things we aren’t prepared to, but we must and have to deal with no matter whatever forms they may appear in. I trust that you get the unseen meaning of what I just tossed out towards your invisible intuition.

As I continue, and not being unaware of the young lady’s apparently depressed states of thinking, I said as much to her as I had previously alluded to in my last paragraph. Also, I told her that sometimes life’s trials and tests need to be looked at with a third eye approach and with another invisible mindset, as opposed to “looking” at them blindly with only our two present eyes and nearby mindset.

I got the feeling that she needed more clarification from me in trying to sense what I was alluding to and at that juncture was where we struck a conscious nerve which caused her to shed real visible outward tears of pain, agony and hurt.

As I intently listened to her, I could see a beautiful, lonely soul fighting back pangs of disappointments and unhappiness in trying to explain about how she felt betrayed and abandoned through her present quandaries, which were bewitching her life. The more I listened, the more I realized that this soul was probably just like everyone else in times of despair, especially, if we’re totally honest with ourselves and realize that desolation is not an isolated reality.

To this end, and I do mean this from the bottom of my heart, I told her, again, “life is what it is,” and there’s no two ways to sugar coat that. So, I was kindly forced to ask and remind her that I’m sure she has been through some troubling times and many untold difficult scenarios in her worlds of existences before this present set of ordeals.

The lady flatly said, “Yes! And the good lord brought me through them.” I touched on how she, somehow, by the mercy of the Most High Alone, survived those moments and days and handled those past disliked, unexpected upheavals and lived to talk about them as were now doing then.

She, of course, said yes once more to what I was relaying back to her “third eye” hidden mental mindset. I then seized that point of cognitive agreement to inform her about why her present trials were nothing, but sublime and irradiating situations, even as depressing as they were to her present mind, to enable her to realign herself with her “I Can Handle This Test” third eye scenario one more time.

Knowing that she was a reader of my past articles I told her she knew where I was coming from when I offered that info to her. Begrudgingly, she had to admit that what I was saying to her she, in all likelihood knew, but she said the presence of “being without,” in any format, can and did present a pessimistic and defeatist aura to her present psyche.

I said, “life is what you make it realistically and mentally out to be,” and there’s no getting around that by using only our limited present two eyed mindsets in looking at what’s happening to us. Please take a stone cold moment right now to fully comprehend that awesome reality by using the invisible God Alone given “I Can Handle This” positive spiritual tool that exists within each and everyone of our minds, if we only dare to not worry fatalistically about things.

The third eye of positivism thinking that I told the lady about is no more than acknowledging the spiritual, incontrovertible truth that all things will take care of themselves in time. We’ll always win if we don’t needlessly worry about the hassles of life and we remain sincerely patient and steadfast in going about handling them, while putting our very best efforts in doing so.

That reality is what I put before the lady’s inner, invisible third eye mind frame to execute because, as I always believe, thoughts are synonymous to one’s overall actions. So, when things seem to go in ways we didn’t expect them to we have to activate our innate third eye mindsets to be able to flip any abrupt or  unforeseen unscripted scenarios that do and may come our way. 

I reminded the young lady, as I’m informing you, that a very third eye maxim to never, ever forget is to not let the momentary hurdles of life get us down rather, allow them to elevate us higher. Always remember that in life when things tend to go south, as they most certainly will do from time-to-time, tap into your spiritual positivism or third eye sense of awareness and stay on a cohesive course in handling your present and future states of affairs, knowing that “this too shall pass.” That was my finishing sentiment to the lady.

I hope she understood what I was telling her. As I now conclude this week’s column, I recall that Lucius Annaeus Senaca once said, “A gem cannot be polished without friction, nor can a man be perfected without trials.” That sounds like some serious third eye stuff to reflect upon and for today and always, that’s, “As I See It.”

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