Reflections: “Sometimes You Have To Throw A Brick”

By Beverly Gadson-Birch

Every now and then, someone will inbox me something that is nonsense or makes a lot of sense. So, follow a condensed version of a recent e-mail I received regarding a little boy that needed help. I am sure some of you have received the same e-mail. Here goes!

A little boy was standing beside a busy street and trying to get someone’s attention to help him, but the cars kept speeding on by. He was pushing his brother in a wheelchair when it suddenly toppled over. He was small in stature and was unable to pick his brother up. Thinking that he had done all that he could to summon help, he saw another car approaching and threw a brick at it. A young, successful executive driving one of those new Jaguars stopped his car immediately to look for the person who threw the brick and found a young boy. Angry that the boy had dented his new Jaguar, he asked the boy what was that all about; why did he throw the brick? The boy responded that his brother needed help and he had tried to stop someone to help but no one stopped, and he didn’t know what else to do. The driver helped the young boy with his brother and decided to leave the dent in his car. 

Here’s the kicker! The reason was “Don’t go through life so fast that someone has to throw a brick at you to get your attention.”

The fable is so descriptive of why I am writing this article. Today, I need to have a talk with white folk. It’s time that someone to throw a brick at white folk to get their attention because nothing has worked so far. Now, this isn’t for all y’all white folk, but I am talkin’ to the ones that I am talkin’ to. President Donald Trump, #45, is a joke and y’all know it. Yet, you would rather have white ignorance in office than Black intelligence.   When President Obama was in office, so much hate surfaced. America seems to have a chip on her back for Black folk. Why? White folk, y’all know Black folk discovered and built America. Why would y’all, talking to y’all white folk, vote to put a President in Office that brings such disgrace to America? Don’t tell me y’all hate Black folk so much that you are willing to lower America’s standards in this nation from “most powerful” to “mediocrity”, from intelligence to ignorance? Don’t tell me you are satisfied with what is going on in Washington! And, what about the Russia investigation and staff turnovers? What da heck are y’all thinking? President #45 doesn’t have a clue about how to run this country. He is a liar.  He doesn’t care who he throws under the bus. He lacks people’s skills. He doesn’t even know what’s appropriate to say and to whom, when or where. Yep, I am talking about President #45’s remarks about women and people with disabilities. And he knows as much about Foreign Affairs as I do.

I would be the first one to admit that some things in the Affordable Health Care Act need to be revisited. A lot of work has gone into getting a national health care program—a program that is extending and saving lives. So, what’s the problem? Black lives don’t matter? Some of y’all are too rich and out of touch to realize what poor folks or folks without health care and basic needs go through. Don’t forget! There are plenty of poor white folk out there without health care, too. You can’t hurt one without hurting the other. Some Representatives didn’t even know what was in the Health Care Bill, but they opposed it anyway. Was it because a Black President did something that his white predecessors failed to do? Now, fast forward to transgender people in the military. Soon after Trump was elected, he wanted to kick them all out. Why? In his words, “they are costing the government too much.” There was very little reaction to #45’s comments.

Education has always been at the top of my list. South Carolina doesn’t seem to feel the same way. What is it going to take for parents to become more vocal and involved in their children’s education? What is it about biased treatment of African American students that parents don’t understand? It isn’t about going to school raising cane. It’s about raising awareness. Nothing serious in the area of education is going to happen until parents begin flooding school board meetings and holding school board members, superintendents and mayors accountable. South Carolina has been on the bottom long enough. It’s not good for children or business. Corporations suffer from lack of skilled laborers. Crime is at its highest when schools fail to educate students.

It’s time for a change!! And, y’all better look out for the “brick” in 2019.

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