New Data Show Workplace Challenges Exist After a Cancer Diagnosis

The ability to manage employment after a cancer diagnosis can be complex, which means working people with cancer need support to balance work and health demands.

Despite the challenges that people with cancer face in the workplace, a new survey conducted by The Harris Poll and commissioned by Cancer and Careers, a U.S. non-profit dedicated to empowering and educating people with cancer to thrive in their workplace, reveals that a majority of cancer patients and survivors (69 percent) feel that work aids in their treatment and recovery.

The survey also shows that many cancer patients and survivors agree that people living with cancer or cancer survivors want to work (74 percent) and that work gives them a sense of purpose (66 percent). In fact, many cancer patients and survivors said that work provides a source of personal pride and accomplishment and helps them cope. For full survey results, as well as other resources on working with cancer, visit

“As both a former human resources professional and cancer survivor, I know the uncertainty that occurs after a diagnosis,” says Kathy Flora, career coach for Cancer and Careers. “Employers, HR teams and managers can be instrumental in helping employees balance work and health demands if they decide they want to stay on the job.”

Source via StatePoint

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