Who Took the Merry out of Christmas?

By Beverly Gadson-Birch

As we approach the holiday season, families are looking forward to the big day—a day of festivities, lots of good foods and nostalgic fireside chats. While Christmas is really about the birthday of Christ, men have thwarted the true meaning and have turned it into an opportunity to line their pockets with greenbacks.

It’s been less than one month since Thanksgiving and already we have gone through Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Pink Monday. Yet to come is Christmas Eve clearance sales. Lost amidst all of the shopping and hype is the true meaning of Christmas—the birth of Christ, the Holy One. How would you like someone to steal the thunder out of your birthday? Birthdays are significant and defines who you are. It’s your entry into the world; a day of celebration.

So, tell me! Who took the “Merry” out of Christmas? Was it you, or?

  • Is it your employer who pays minimum wage or less than the value of your work?
  • Is it the lawyers and judges who scheme against struggling landowners to suck their ancestral land right up from under them because they know you don’t have the money for a long drag out fight in the courts?
  • Is it mortgage companies that foreclosed on homes when it could have been avoided through loan modifications?       
  • Is it auto dealerships that sold you more car than you could afford and told you don’t worry about what the interest is?
  • Is it the Texas Judge that ruled ObamaCare unconstitutional and now you find yourself in limbo over whether you will have adequate coverage or any coverage at all at an affordable cost?
  • Is it the disrespect from young junior flips, particularly under this present administration? When there is no respect and moral values at the top, you end up with the case of monkey sees, monkey do’s.
  • Is it hundreds of predatory lenders and Asian stores that have set up shop in Black communities and have sucked the life out of you?
  • Is it gas stations in rural areas that charges $.60 to $.80 cents more per gallon?
  • Is it banks like Wells Fargo that denies poor folks credit, loan modifications, charges more for services, create bogus credit card accounts, forces borrowers to take out auto insurance they don’t need while paying top executives millions of dollars, bonuses and stocks for robbing the poor?
  • Is it grocery chains that send food into Black neighborhoods that has been removed from store shelves and freezers in predominantly white neighborhoods; or, the lack of grocery stores in predominantly Black neighborhoods prompting already cash strapped residents to pay for taxi service to get to a store?
  • Is it the criminal justice system that sentences minorities disproportionately to whites for similar crimes?
  • Is it the state’s “minimally adequate educational standards” that dumb down students and keep job opportunities at a “minimum” for the poor and minorities?
  • Is it excessive student loans on the backs of Black students that ensures a lifetime of hardships while their counterparts sail through school on scholarships and a life of ease?

I am sure y’all can add a thing or two to the list. For those of you who are reading this on the “Night Before Christmas” and find yourself guilty of any of the above, it is not too late to give to a charity or sponsor a child or family. If you are the “Grinch” that stole the Merry out of Christmas, put it back.

Don’t ruin Christ’s birthday like you have ruined someone’s life. The reason for the season is CHRIST!!


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