New Membership Features Allows Members to Help Create Black History

Famous Individuals in Black History past and present, the longest running data-driven website on the historical and cultural contributions of people of color is taking our cultural history to the next level.

In the words of Marcus Garvey, “A people without knowledge of their past history, origins, and cultures is like a tree without roots.”

Beginning this month, will support the growth of those roots by inviting the millions of site visitors to become members, with the ability to contribute to the historical and cultural archives by submitting new “Facts/Stories/Recipes” or recommend changes to existing “Facts.”

This capability follows in the tradition of African Storytellers “Griots” who preserved the culture and history of their people – handing down that history to the next generations.

One of the primary goals of is to protect and preserve the history of our people. So much of the history of people of color have been lost over the years, and education systems are cutting back or totally removing the contributions of people of color from their standard history textbooks – In many cases, subjects like “Social Studies” which focus on diverse cultural histories have been cut from the school curriculum altogether.

This new feature will allow to expand on this mission and puts the power of history into the hands of members.

Premium members will have the ability to become a part of black history by submitting their personal BIOs and profiles or recommending the BIOs/profiles of other examples of cultural excellence to be added to the BlackFacts living archives – showcasing the achievements and awards of these individuals or organizations with links to related products/books/services.

In the near future, the plan is to add Family Legacy memberships options to allow members to submit and share their family history with each other privately and/or with the world.

As the membership data grows the system will be able to show how connected people really are to one another and truly become the embodiment of W.E.B Debois dream of the Encyclopedia Africana.

Other Membership Benefits include:

-Subscription to the Newsletter
-Submit/Add Facts – upon approval they get added to our system with the submitting member as the source.
-“My BlackFacts” page showing favorite posts, news, facts, and related content.
-Birthday Blast Newsletter – highlighting all facts that share the members birthday
-Creation of Person BIO – showcase awards, achievements, products, and services
-Recommended Profiles – People, Schools, Organization for inclusion in BlackFacts Archives.

Note: Any new content submitted to system gets reviewed before approval and is indexed and cross-referenced with all related content.

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