America’s Ever-Lasting Problems

By Hakim Abdul-Ali

Many troubled nations of the world are being torn apart by internal and external hatreds to the extreme, and our potentially great nation is no different. Sadly, and most recently, from the tragic assassinations of eleven Jewish worshippers in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, to, well, you name the next town, city, county or state, and, unfortunately, we’re all under siege of some sorts wondering when something disastrously shocking is going to occur next.

The prevailing vexing racial ambience, religious detestations and bigoted undercurrents are alive and well in many forums of this land and are just waiting to surface and cause consequential bodily, physical and emotional harms. All this means, to me, is that there are many closeted, imbecilic monsters and surreptitious thugs lurking somewhere in the shadows of the social internet and America’s covert underground waiting to perform sinister acts.

Our country, like so many other arenas of the world, have become dangerous, real life shooting arcade game scenarios for many calculating delusional and deranged psychopaths. These are really some scary times to live in, especially, when tragedies like what unexpectedly happened in Pittsburgh at the Tree of Life Synagogue took place before unsuspecting souls.

Of course, my respectful sympathies and condolences are sent to those grieving Jewish folk in Pittsburgh, but, sadly, what happened there seems to be happening with such maddening frequency everywhere until no one seems surprised anymore. It’s an indication that the omnipresent “his-storical” problems of systemic intolerance, discrimination, race baiting and bigotry are on the rise and are becoming kissing cousins for those on the hit parade of America’s Most Psychotic Want Lists.

In America, unimaginable violence and brutality are being now played out in every nook and cranny of our nation, with such shock and awe, until even the rabid social media can’t seem to keep up with all of the crazies and haters out there. “America! We really do have a problem.”

And now, because that is an undeniable given, I’m asking you to please forgive me if I sound off a little today about the toxic climate that’s out there in the American wilderness, if you haven’t been aware of same. If this is a surprise to you, then I have to mull over asking you, “Where have you been lately?”

While you cogitate the burden of that question, I hope that you’ve been reading some of my past article scribes in The Chronicle for the last year where I’ve addressed the racial and religious apartheid atmospheres that are existing in the underbellies of many large pockets of some Americans’ prejudiced envisions. Some indifferent folk may turn a blind eye to that but, “America! We really do have some problems.”

Our problems are becoming so frighteningly common until bizarre  lunatics’ crazinesses and right-wing thuggery have become a part of the daily lexicon for some impartial folk. From Charlottesville, Virginia, to Ferguson, Missouri, e.g., the problems of hatred and police distrust are indicative of some really very dangerous times we live in, and many folk are losing hope currently in the belief, in this land, that there really is freedom, honesty, fairness and and justness for all.

I’ll let you again deliberate on that intently for a few more stone, cold moments in time and space, and then I’d still desire you to fathom the fact that Black Lives Matter is no longer a joke. Now as look at when American kids are killed in schools, and you have to arm teachers, as some suggest, then you know that we’re truly in crisis modes as the country apparently and  uncharacteristically implodes under political gangster type bravados beaming from another ego planet.

The fabled “The American People,” whoever they are, I believe must now be questioning each other about possessing guns issues, endless political diatribes,  social unrest, equal rights protests and devious “poly-tricks” galore that defy intelligent objectivities. I feel that I could go on and on with this type of opinionated droppings but I think that you get the point—”we are big trouble as a nation” and, yes, “America! We do have some very serious problems on our home fronts.”

I offer that to you, and to other clear, unbiased citizens of our land, to review what’s been truly going on in the bald eagle’s landscape for quote a while now. When I ask that, please believe me that I have no hidden agenda in doing so other than to, hopefully, aid you in addressing some real and pertinent local, state and national concerns.

As a thinking and unintimidated brother of color calling South Carolina my present home, I know that I have a God Alone given right to speak my truth when racism, bigotries, hypocrisies and intolerances affect me and others just because of who we are, what are ethnicities may be and what our religions are. Sometimes, I wonder if living the so-called American dream is really, in stark reality, masquerading itself as the American nightmare.

For many Americans, if you’re of color, I don’t sense that there’s a need for you to find an equal opportunity translator to have American injustices and inequalities broken down for you as you subsist from one moment to the next trying to believe that you’re not being judged by the color of your skin, religion or name. That, for so many legions of subjected folk of color is an ever-present racial problem that festers until this very moment  among them and the rest of the nation’s forgotten ethnic masses.

So, let’s be honest with ourselves, is American apartheid really, in theory, any different than the one that was in existence in South Africa during the 20th century? If you answer truthfully, you’ll, at least, be stating a known reality and not a whitewashed denial like so many lip syncing good old boy (and gal) back room politicians proclaim behind close doors of White privileges.

And that is a problem. Something is going on in political circles that causing the political atmospheres of narrow-mindedness, favoritism, incitement, inequity and partisanship to take root. I’ll say one more time—”America! We have some very, very serious problems facing us.”

That quandary has a lot of “The American People” taking stock of the fact that we, as Americans, are, in so many diverse instances, becoming our worst own enemies, and that truly is a devastating problem. This problem is only exacerbated, principally, when you recognize that our nation seems to be split right down the political middle on just about everything, and that’s also becoming another major problem.

I’d like you to think about a few, if not all, of the things I tossed your way today. Yes, I know I spoke of many problems, but can you think of some solutions to stop these problems from negatively affecting our very lives, especially, with so many Americans killing Americans for no sensible reasons.

Just give it a thought because our very sacred breaths of life are becoming more and more fragile with each passing moment in time. In closing, please be safe and let’s get busy in making America “hue-manly” great with respect for all and hatred for none. For today and always, that’s, “As I See It.”

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