Stephanie Ganaway-Pasley Seeks to Make a Difference as Probate Court Judge

Stephanie Ganaway-Pasley with endorsers Rep. Wendell Gilliard, Bakari Sellers & Senator Cory Booker

The Honorable Stephanie Ganaway-Pasley is a long-time resident of Charleston, South Carolina and have served as a Summary Court Judge for over 12 years interpreting the civil and criminal laws in the state of South Carolina. She is a civil mediator with proven leadership skills, experience on the bench and academically prepared.

Ganaway-Pasley decided to run in this upcoming election to more efficiently and effectively help and serve Charleston County citizens in the Probate Court. Her effort is to help inform citizens in regards to probating estates and wills for decedents, helping with immediate attention in regards to committing love ones on an involuntary treatment plan who may suffer with mental illness and substance abuse, appointing guardians and conservatorships for the elderly person(s) who may suffer from dementia, Alzheimer’s, elderly abuse and elder care mismanagement.

Ganaway-Pasley believes it will be more beneficial to citizens to understand the probate process prior to having to engage in the system. “I want citizens to understand and be informed about the process prior to having the need to engage in the system so they may make an informed decision when the time comes for them to actually engage in the process,” she says.

Ganaway-Pasley intends to inform the community about the importance of estate planning so that citizens can make  ore informed decisions in order that their property rights may be protected and to avoid or reduce the entanglement of heirs property and facilitating the transfer of other assets in accordance with the wishes of the deceased. These actions will begin to lessen the challenge of heirs’ property over a period of time.

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