Gotcha Offers Free Bike Share Services in Charleston on Election Day

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Gotcha announced today it will make all of its bike share systems free on Tuesday, November 6th to help voters roll to the polls during the midterm elections. Gotcha believes mobility is freedom and wants to empower Americans with choice and convenience by offering free rides to the polls in one proprietary app.

Gotcha no longer wants transportation to be the barrier between voting or sitting on the democratic sidelines. The public will be able to access Gotcha’s bike shares nationwide for free by using the promotional code, VOTE18, for one day only on November 6th. Use the hashtags #RideGotcha and #ibikeivote on social media to encourage others to let freedom ride.

According to The Center for Information and Research on Civic Learning and Engagement, transportation is a significant barrier to voting, especially among college students and young adults. Regardless of education or other demographic differences, 29% of all youth (ages 18 – 29) in the survey cited it as a reason why they didn’t vote. 15% went so far as to call it a major deciding factor.

“The public can have an impact on the decisions of this country by voting and if transportation is an obstacle, we want to do everything we can to remove those barriers,” said Sean Flood, CEO and founder of Gotcha. “Gotcha is encouraging Americans to exercise their right to vote by providing free, accessible bike rides for the midterm elections.”

For more information on Roll to the Polls and a list of Gotcha’s bike share locations nationwide, visit

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