The Wonder of It All

By Hakim Abdul-Ali

In many of my articles that I’ve written recently I tend to reflect upon life in all of its many wondrous panoramas. I feel extremely blessed to be able to say that with a total and an unbiased spiritual sense of awareness, especially in light of the way many folk in today’s society-at-large look at the living process.

I think that some folk, at times, tend to be callously forgetful with each moment that is extended to them with no apparent enthusiastic thanks to God (Alone) who has extended that moment to them. You may know a few folk who are like that in your worlds of existences just as I do in mine own spheres of existences.

That’s “The Wonder of It All,” in that, the Creator Alone of everyone and everything has extended this temporary living actuality to one and all in this phase of existence, even though some errant thinkers may take it heedlessly for granted. Life is like that and in my daily going-ons, I come into contact with a few unappreciative created souls, who forget that they are only in the here and now because the Creator Alone has allowed them to be.

Sometimes, for the best of me, I can’t see how some unmindful folk can talk about this and that trivial occurrences in their lives, and then get upset when you specify (to them) how important it is to always praise and remember the Most High Alone’s mercies towards them and everyone else in creation.

Listen, just to be alive in the here and now is, to me, the greatest, wondrous realty check that I personally need to consciously never forget that God Alone’s marvelous bestowal to me, and to others, is the astounding gift of life. “This Wonder of It All” is to never, ever forget what the Creator Alone has done and is doing for us who are consciously aware of being alive in the here and now.

Unfortunately, I firmly believe that there are many abstract-minded souls who play fake giving the Creator Alone the proper homage that’s spiritually due to the Most High Alone. That’s a sad state of affairs to be in where many worldly individuals, politicians, governments and nations of the transparent globe environs regrettably are at. So, it’s a stupefaction to me to witness how those aforementioned beings and entities, as clear as everyday life’s fragility is to “hue-mans,” to deny the existence of of the Creator Alone of creation by not giving Him (Alone) due and recognition. “As I See It,” that doesn’t require any special knowledge, principally if you’re aware that the specter of death awaits one and all in every global locale, with no exceptions.

With the greatest respect to all of the world’s religious beliefs, including my own, I have to ask that if it were not for the wondrous mercies of creation extended to us all, where would we all be if the Creator Alone did not create us and the world that we live in? It a simple, but ever-so-wonderful, question to ask of you, and others, as you and they are presently going from one moment to next, not really knowing exactly what the future holds in store for you and them.

As I peruse that question through my own awakening thought processes, I’m tasked also to say, that in this moment of thinking about the living process and “The Wonder of It All,” I have to give all praises to the Creator Alone for being here. For me, it’s an exalted realm of spiritual recognition to realize, without pretentious fanfare, that I would not exist if it were not by God Alone’s decree.

I know that there are many religious and spiritual folk, of all faith traditions, who feel the same way that I do without apologies for recognizing, loving and giving thanks to the Creator Alone. That’s the bottom line in acknowledging “The Wonder of It All” in my view.

The living process is a trial, and life, as such, is and can be a province where the daily battles of the living process are constant, and I really, really do mean constant. By firmly emphasizing that, I don’t believe that I’m speaking just for myself. No way, I recognize that every global ethnic soul is challenged, tried and tested by the Creator Alone of everything and everyone, in some degree or another, to fully savor all the joys and hardships of the living process for “The Wonder of It All.” To experience all of life’s proverbial ups and downs, with faith, knowing that “this too shall pass,” no matter who are, is in many instances, a great wondrous blessing in itself.

The wise messengers, prophets and wisdom teachers of God Alone from ancient times, from every corner of the globe, didn’t lie when they all told us about life’s sustained struggles and what life’s trials are and would be for one and all. Our trials of the here and now, just like those of our past, are what they are and no more. They are only tests. I politely ask you to gently reflect on and to casually think about the earlier trials, ordeals and traumas that you faced in the previous episodes in your past living experiences. Did you not learn anything from those pressing and trying occurrences in your life?

Please don’t rush to answer that question because I feel that some of those trials were heavy and depressing, to say the least. But when you do commit to intelligently and spiritually answer that question about what you’ve  learned from the tribulations of life, I’m sure your answer(s) will be of relief being that you hung in there and you made it through those difficulties with renewed understandings about.

Maybe, that’s where I need to end this article today by asking you another pertinent reality question. And that is, in overcoming the past trials of your life, “How did you make it through those chaotic storms and pesky miseries that were swirling around you and engulfing you with self-doubt and despair?”

If you’re a religious thinker and a spiritual believer, I’d like to think that you made it through patience and prayer to the Creator Alone, however you identify the same. You see, it’s said that faith can and does move all mountains and obstacles if you’re patient and don’t lose faith in what the Most High Alone is placing before you and any given time in the living process.

Being tested by what we have to go through in the living process, no matter what is, is definitely a wondrous panorama to experience. It’s called life and it is what it is. That’s “the profound wonder of it all.” For today and always, that’s, “As I See It.”


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