What Exactly Are We Doing?

By Hakim Abdul-Ali   

I honestly believe that there’s too much hatred existing between the world’s “hue-manly” created souls for one reason or the other. I’ve been thinking about it for some time now, and it really irritates me because life and existing in peaceful coexistences as we know it in this phase of existence is really at premium.

Sometimes, I wonder what are the so-called spiritually sane, enlightened and progressively correct among us really doing in order to make this world a better place to reside in for the betterment of all of its inhabitants, regardless of ethnicity, creed or color. I raise that dubious inquiry because I, sadly, see that our nation is apparently heading toward increasingly moral chaos, along with falling into evolving political constipation right before our very eyes.   

With America’s homegrown apartheid oppression rising up in so many of the nation’s forgotten, underbelly ethnic communities and, at the same time, with so many clandestine political hypocrisies abounding in epic proportions, you may rightfully be sound in asking yourself, like I’m doing to myself, “What Exactly Are We Doing?” It’s a subjective heavyweight interrogation of one’s concept of where our nation stands with itself.    

Maybe, just the thought of being so upfront to ask “What Exactly Are We Doing?” may cause some ethnic politicos problems, but the general truth is that we are currently in the midst of some obviously disorganized bureaucratic and social dilemmas to say the least. It seems no one trusts anyone anymore.      

Again, “What Exactly Are We Doing?” is a question that I’m raising for you to mentally investigate. So, this preponderant and perplexing query of what are we doing as Americans is one that has divided our nation, in many instances, into political subdivisions, being religious opponents of each other, and escalating ethnic fractions galore, with no one really seeing that there’s something sinister politically taking place.     

It’s sad because we, as Americans from California to Maine, are in need of refresher courses about respect, tolerance and peace towards our fellow citizenry, no matter where our individual religions may be or where our ethnic heritages proudly originates. I say “we” Americans because, after all, “we” are, in actuality, a salad bowl of many unique, diverse and wonderful ingredients (ethnicities) of “hue-manity,” and that’s what makes us potentially great in my forthright view.

Again, regrettably, throughout our potentially great land, we are becoming disillusioned by many of our “selected” political mouthpieces, who for lack of other cosmopolitan words, have disguised agendas based on “good old boy” legislative stagnation. Do you sense with all that’s happening on our local, state and national fronts why I’ve  asked, “What Exactly Are We Doing?”     

As I, too, ponder that ever-germane question, I know a few ethnic folk in our country and beyond who look at life as some sort of aimless merry go round, revolving around a bewildering, hopeless life cycle. And then there are some others who probably don’t even venture enough to think that far or even to delve into the intrinsic spiritual meaning of what the living experience really is all about.    

I assume that most spiritually, properly informed and unbiased Americans among the many non-prejudicial folk throughout the nation take the living experience as something serene and truly privileged to be a part of. I know that I do and, as such I don’t have time for bigotry, hatred and racism because I feel truly blessed to say that.     

I feel that it’s so very important for me to converse with you, and others, about being spiritually alert about and being consciously alive in this special moment in time and space. It’s such a rare gift, and we need more appreciation and understanding of the beauty in each of us in order to help one another in being better submitting souls of peace and goodwill before the Creator Alone.     

From a personal perspective, it’s a blessing in more ways that one to me to be able to acknowledge that the Creator Alone has allowed me, you and all of the other God Alone conscious beings to testify that there’s nothing that would exist if it were not by the mercy, permission and direction of the Most High Alone. So, I have to ask once again, “What Exactly Are We Doing?” in order to make America truly the great land of the free? Think about it deeply.     

I realize that some elements of certain global societies-at-large, including some in our own, may fall prey to the loathsome disbelief that the Creator Alone isn’t (really and truly) in charge of everything in existence. For those of us who believe in the Oneness of God Alone and no other, we know who is charge of everything and everyone.     

In recognizing and respecting that Americans have all sorts of pronounced spiritual and non-religious beliefs, e.g., I can fully see why we, as a segment of a  diverse global folk, are so fragmented, confused and hateful of each other. It’s as though some of us live on planes of “me, myself and I” without regards to others’ beliefs, views and opinions. And, I say that with no intended, nor purposeful, disrespect to any other ethnic “hue-man” creations believing in whatever he, she, or they may believe in. Get it straight—I’m only taking about God Alone, the creator of life, death, everything seen, known, imagined and even more unimaginable realms beyond our current esteemed advance knowledge of guesstimated things and uncertainties.    

Respecting all, I openly say that we must work, and I do mean work, together in order to bring about a better USA and world if we are to achieve anything worthwhile in our voyages between life and death. Only a fool lost in his or her imagination could believe that tomorrow is promise to him or her. Remember that.

I know that you’re not foolish and, before dealing with another negativity of indecision, let’s start with being positive to and with each other, including ourselves. Let’s do this by showing a little love, kindness and tolerance to all fellow ethnic Americans. I know it’s only a humble suggestion, but, quite frankly, we’ve got to start somewhere, and it might as well be here and now. You see, I believe that “actions speak louder than mere words.” So, let’s do something that’s pleasing to our Creator Alone and I believe that it should be by showing love and respect for one another.       

I’ll leave you with something my mother once told me about actions speaking louder than words. I offer her thoughts so that maybe you’ll think intrinsically about what you’re exactly doing in fostering better relationships and communication.      

My ever-wise mother said rather simply, “Deeds are fruits, words are leaves.” Need I say anymore? Please don’t forget them. Hopefully, I trust that you won’t and, for today, that’s, “As I See It.”




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