Brett Kavanaugh’s “Circus” Nomination

By Beverly Gadson-Birch

As a youngster I can remember listening to older folk’s euphemisms as they chatted in the next room. Y’all old schoolers know that you could not sit in on grown folk’s conversations, but we often eavesdropped through those old cardboard walls.

Euphemisms are no more than a “substitute” or “expression substituted for something considered too harsh”. A good example of euphemism is Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination hearing that I will refer to as a “circus”.

Are y’all with me? There is just no other way to describe Kavanaugh’s hearing. Here you have one of President Trump’s good ole boys squaring off in front of the world against Dr. Christine Ford’s allegations that he assaulted her in high school. There are other accounts of him “not being able to hold his alcohol”, another euphemism for drunkenness.

Men like Kavanaugh, and many of the high-profiled men recently called out for unwanted sexual advances or assaults, belong to what I often refer to as the “privileged” class.

Believe you me when I tell you that I know about privileged men, I know about them. My ancestors know about them. They think they can take whatever it is they want without fear of punishment or accountability. Well, the #MeToo Movement finally caught up with these “predators” and they are shaking in their boots. Oh yes, there are plenty of them out there and it’s just a matter of time.

If you watched Kavanaugh’s hearing and his emotional outburst, he may have more problems than womanizing and alcohol. He may have a temper as well. And, y’all know folks with tempers, they can fly off the handle at times. If Kavanaugh is having meltdowns before being appointed, there’s no telling what disjointed decisions he may make. And what if he lied before the Committee? He could be in real trouble. Supreme Court appointees are in for life; it’s a very important position.

There weren’t many folks supporting Anita Hill during Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas’s hearing. Now, some folks are convinced that she experienced the same type of advances that “privileged” men think they can do and get away with. I believed Ms. Hill then just as I believe many of the women now. She should be celebrated by the #MeToo Movement as a pioneer for change. Anita Hill came forward when it was not popular to speak out against your “boss” or men in high places if you wanted to keep your job or move up the ladder. A woman’s place was “in the home” or “barefoot and pregnant”. Well, who is barefoot and in the “home” now and under house arrest?

Some folks are questioning Dr. Ford’s motives in coming forward now and thinking her allegations are outdated. Her allegations may be dated but her scars aren’t. The incident happened over 35 years ago. Scars, physical or mental, are forever. So, what? If it happened, Kavanaugh needs to own it and step down from consideration.

What can I say about Senator Lindsay Graham? Did he not take his meds before the hearing? The Senator, my Senator from SC, was in rare form. Graham said, “even if Kavanaugh’s nomination fails, President Trump should re-nominate him before the midterm and let the voters decide.” Seriously!! And since the hearing has been delayed for one week to allow for the F.B.I. investigation, Graham is quoted on Hannity as saying, “This good man should not be destroyed.” Are all privileged men good men? And, is Dr. Ford a bad woman? What does Graham know about either of them and their past encounters? Hopefully the F.B.I. investigation will shed some light on this very important appointee; but, I am not holding out for much more since it’s being hastily done. The F.B.I. needs more than one week to do a thorough job.

Everything about the present administration undermines values. Folks are coming out of the woodworks doing and saying whatever and it’s acceptable. Whatever happened to our family value system? Folks are jumping on a fast-moving train of corruption and self-destruction and inviting others to join.

Republicans would rather rush to judgement and seat Kavanaugh next to Justice Thomas to do their bidding. Justices can change the course of history by their interpretations and swipe of pen. And this can spell disaster for a country that is already upside down.

Y’all need to keep your eye on Senator Tim Scott. Now, I ain’t gonna trouble the waters on ‘dat until it happens, but Senator Scott is prepared to vote for Kavanaugh “barring any new discovery by the F.B.I.” Didn’t that boy grow up around Union Heights somewhere? I’se just saying……when you come up on the “rough side of the mountain”, you need to choose your side carefully coming down.

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  1. John El-Amin on October 12, 2018 at 6:11 am

    Amen!! What is truly sad and amazing is the support President Predator and Judge Kavanaugh get from women. Particularly those who self describe as ” conservative”. Is party loyalty and ideology greater that human dignity? It appears so.

    You are so right in your description of a country that is upside down. We need help.

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