Is Being a Friend an Illusional Reality?

By Hakim Abdul-Ali

It’s a wonderful feeling to witness any “hue-man” being fulfilling his or her goals and enjoying the fruits of his or her labors in acquiring such rewards, especially to do by sharing the same with real, true and dear friends . In my view, I call it living the dream.

I salute all ethnic “hue-mans” in successfully achieving their stated aspirations, regardless of their ethnicities, genders, religions, nationalities or professions. As long as it was earnestly acquired, more power to them, one and all.

Unfortunately, that brings me to an issue that I’m sadly mentioning today, and this subject is about envy. I’m speaking on this topic because someone I (hardly) know was falsely dissing another soul who was enjoying the fruits of his hard work by positively doing what he wanted to do with his time and his money.

It seems as though this envious soul, claiming to be this successful guy’s friend, was spouting disdainfully behind the successful soul’s back to others about what this guy was doing with his money, etc. This ticked me off because I have never like two-faced souls in the first and last places of any kind of relationships. They are morbid souls.

I put it like that because I’ve been the victim of such twisted atrocities and verbal shenanigans in my own worlds of existences, and believe me it stinks, especially if you blindly considered certain folk your trusted pals and loyal cohorts. You probably have been too, and, even though, I hate to say it that as I did in the aforementioned manner, but if you know me, you know I’m going to keep it real.

Now back to the scenario at hand. It most certainly disturbed me to hear and see what was being done to the successful guy because, by all standards, he’s definitely a giving, caring and genuine soul. And, this other jealous fellow, who by openly dissing this successful guy behind his back for what he was doing with his very own leisure and personal funds, showed me big-time that he wasn’t this flourishing guy’s friend, nor could he be mine.

You see, I’m a stickler on loyalty in friendship, but I recognize that “life is what it is,” a motto that you’ve heard me reference oftentimes in my columns over the years with astuteness. The more I live, day by day, I can clearly see and interpret the spiritual signs of life, so nothing really shocks me anymore about certain kinds of folk’s double-dealing actions and words.

These folk are who they are and, yes, my dear reader, the living process is full of these two-faced snakes and hypocritical weasels waiting to destroy you, me and others, if we let them. Is there any other way that you can describe these backstabbing and Janus-faced beings in our midst except to call it as I, or you, see it?

Before moving on, let’s get it straight, I’m definitely not perfect, and I openly make no apologies to you and others thinking that I am. You must know that I also want you to realize that I probably have a thousand and one shortcomings and flaws, but I’m steadfastly true and dedicatedly real to those who are legitimately that way with me.

The old adage that says “a friend in need is truly a friend indeed” is what I’m hinting at in my indirect message to you and others now. No one needs “hue-man” invisible snakes and android pretending weasels in his or her camps today. I know I don’t, and I feel pretty secure in thinking that you don’t either.    

Life is much too, too short an experience in this present phase of living to have any questionable insincere and untrustworthy combatants in one’s inner circles. I’m sure you know what I mean because I know personally of what I just said to you from my own personal pains, heartaches and sorrows.

The successful guy I’m writing about is a good guy, but he, like others, sometimes, can’t see the forests for the trees. Do you get what I’m inferring, or do you need to take a Clairvoyance 101 online course, with no credits earned, to fully comprehend that a fool sometimes is his, or her, own worst enemy?

While you take a few stone cold moments to figure out and elucidate the exact meaning of that last sentence, please know that we’re all fooled at some point(s) in our lives by intended so-called friendly naysayers. It’s all a part of understanding what the pervasive statement, “life is what it is,” is all about, albeit in complex, painful and bitter dimensions.

From blinded love relationships to corrupt business dealings to, well, you name it, none of us is beyond being suckered into assuming such and such soul was, or is a dear friend for life. To that fanciful state, I’ve come to learn that certain folk only are interested in themselves and their respective fiscal pockets, and you can soberingly utter “Case closed” to that thought.

Life’s fundamental experiences are the mother of all teachings if you ask me. They are everywhere to be had, found and learned. So, don’t fall asleep when you’ve discovered that you been lied to or exposed by someone you thought that had your back.

No, wake up from any illusionary dreams of friendships before it’s too late, and please come back to the “real” world. If you’ve lived as long as you lived and experienced things in your worlds of existences thus far, then what I’ve been saying up to now shouldn’t shock or disturb you because you already know that “life is what it is.”

I offer my my views of loyal friendship because it is a real issue to me and others, and I respectfully think it should be to you. Again, I know that I probably have said some things that I regret in my own lifetime, but, after all that’s said and done, if I call someone a true friend, you’d better know that I have his or her back covered throughout  the thick and the thin of life’s present and future tribulations and trials.

That’s how I feel and it’s where I stand in life, take it or leave it. I believe the living process to many fickle-minded souls is a comedy stage of some sort to make fun of and to ridicule some other less fortunate beings in “hue-manity.” You know some duplicitous folk think and act like that. I hope you’re not one of them.

I sense, more than likely, that the envious guy fits that category and he probably doesn’t even care that he’s eating his successful friend’s flesh in a macabre, deceiving and unwholesome way. Call it jealousy, or whatever, but many discontented “hue-mans” selfishly step over a rather personal line by getting into other folks’ business with no reasonable right to do so.

We all need to guard and check our mouths and actions, myself included. I, again repeat that “none of us are perfect” but we must wish for our brothers and sisters in “hue-manity” what we sincerely wish for ourselves. We have to put into put into practice what we proclaim is necessary to be done for the respectful benefit of all.

I suggest, and it’s only a suggestion, that we all need to find something positive to do with our minds and time, and we seriously need to stop destroying our present and futile blessings by ridiculing others with our wicked tongues and foolish actions.

Finally, I believe that something terrible is really happening when dissembling and unproductive folks comment on other meaningful folks’ successful deeds with no justification whatsoever. In yesteryears gone by, old Black folk would just call like it was—simply being nosy.

Take it for what it is worth. Stop being nosy and mind your own business. Wish all and their families well just as they should be doing for you and yours. For today and always, that’s, “As I See It.”

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