Harris House Hopes To Work With Youth Before Midterm Elections

Through an interactive education and action formula based curriculum called “Voting 101” the Harris House is looking to work with teen/young adult based groups and organizations. “Youth and young adults are change agents. When they are educated and empowered, they can not only be the change, but effectively spread important messages to those around them and in their communities to help elicit change,” said Marjorie Harris, co-founder and CEO of The Harris House.

#BeTheChange is an initiative to get local organizations to educate and register their teen/young adults for Voting 101. The Harris House is calling out to educators, mentors, and community leaders to help them provide residents of the Tri-county (14 or older) with the tools and resources to become informed voters. “It is very important to prepare young people to be engaged citizens and voting is one of the most important tools we have to create change,” Harris expressed.

In partnership with Charleston County Board of Elections and Voter Registration Voting 101 is a 90-minute workshop that educates participants about South Carolina’s voting requirements and process. At the conclusion of the each workshop eligible participants (17 or older) will also have the opportunity to register to vote or update their voter’s registration information.

In the last year the Harris House has worked with over 100 teens/young adults through Voting 101. Their goal for 2018 is to educate and register 200 new voters by October 6. With less than two weeks until the end of the campaign, the Harris House has already registered over 60 new voters. However, local organizations are still needed to #BeTheChange and register their youth for Voting 101 before the midterm elections on November 6.

Harris said she once read elections have consequences and elections matter. “If we don’t exercise our right to vote we forfeit our ability to have people in office that represent the things that are important to us. All elections are equally as important from local elections on up.”

Voting 101 is aligned with the Harris House’s mission and programs that focus on education, health awareness, and the community.

Voting 101 is free of charge. Participants must be 18 years old by October 6 to register to vote. To register visit www.lovetheharrishouse.org or email [email protected].


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