Faith in the Creator Alone is Important

By Hakim Abdul-Ali  

It’s nice when folk of  different ethnicities, religious persuasions and genders, etc. can intelligently discuss controversial topics in an amiable manner, especially where mutual respect is shown with true democratic civility toward one another. Such was a very recent experience for me, and it has helped me harness a greater knowledge of God Alone’s mercy.

I met with and was asked last week by a very spiritual Christian lady of Euro-American heritage to address what I’m writing about now. This lady has been an active reader of The Charleston Chronicle and my columns over the years, and she wanted me to share some insight on a matter that she felt felt was important to the both of us and folks-in-general.

Today’s subject is, maybe, a little touchy for some of readers to handle, or to agree with me or the lady on, but it’s okay. I sense that may be the case in some future readers’ minds, even as I attempt to gather my thoughts on what it is that I’m going to discuss.

The subject on the discussion table from my mind’s eye is about faith, and, more specifically, it’s about having and possessing spiritual faith in the Creator Alone of everything and everyone. I believe that no matter what your belief pattern is, or whatever you call or label yourself, you were first created by the sole divine, supreme force of creation, who’s much greater that us and has no equal.

I hold deeply to that creative philosophy, and I think that that’s important for you and others to keep in mind, just as both the spiritual lady and yours truly agreed to without argument. Furthermore, I definitely believe that we’re all so very fortunate to be alive in this rather fragile time frame and tender moment of existence until we need to thank our Creator Alone for every infinitesimal breath that we take and is graciously extended to us.

It’s important to know Who (alone) is in charge of “this” daily operational life show called the living process. I know who this is and it’s God Alone, and the Christian lady also testified to this understanding, because life, as a created reality for all of us, was, and is, created by the Most High Alone of the universe and beyond, who controls everything from life to death.

This was where the spiritual lady and I conversed with so much reverential respect and deferential clarity until we both were brought to joyful jubilation in wanting to do nothing but praise God Alone for everything.

Have you ever had one of those scintillating, penetrating and vibratory instances where all you could do was say, “All praises are due to the Creator Alone, and no one else?”

Well, I have, and I most certainly did in talking with this Christian lady, who then expressed her dismay at how so many Americans of late practice hidden racism and hypocritical bigotry. To that sentiment of her’s, I added that it appears that many others, even in my faith, in the global  “hue-man” family, sadly, operate in combat zones of ignorant hatreds of life, self and others.

The open conversation between us took on a dampening tone when this Christian lady said that she was particularly angry and very concerned about the escalating religious hatreds directed at my faith of Islam and at other non-Christians in this country and elsewhere. We spoke of why faith in the Most High Alone was so very, very important in destroying racism, demolishing discriminations and eliminating bigotry.

Respectfully, even though our individual religious traditions differed, we both came to an agreement that knowing that the Most High is but One, and we should only serve and worship God, the Creator Alone, with even the faith of a mustard seed in order to hold on with sanity in a world that has seemingly gone mad at times. That was the critical point that drew this dutiful soul towards approaching me to discuss what was troubling her about faith.

I told her that we must have staunch faith in the Creator Alone in order to overcome any and all obstacles or to be able to accomplish any goal in life. She wanted me to expound on this faith obsession of mine in light of what’s going against Muslims and other folk of color everywhere.

“Life is what it is, and it’s still an incessant testing trial of one’s self and will,” is the direct way I answered her inquiry. I also, politely, elaborated to her that with all of the unremitting and relentless happenings going on in my, her and other folks’ worlds of existences today, we’d all be better off to possess a deep sense of commitment, confidence, conviction and trustful resolve in doing God Alone’s will, and, “As I See It,” it’s called maintaining faith in the Creator Alone.

With no disrespect intended towards her faith tradition, I told the lady that “Faith in the Creator Alone is Important,” just as I’m now telling you and myself same. We, as a so-called American God fearing and loving nation, should practice what we preach and proclaim as much to each other and to the world with better accountability.

Many of us talk a good spiritual game but our daily political walks and actions say something else. I humbly offer that we should learn to put our complete trustful faith in the Creator Alone in and under all circumstances. Try it. You may like.

Again, as you and I move about daily from here to there, facing and dealing with the myriad of complex and challenging ordeals before us, we should bring ourselves closer to the acknowledgement that there’s nothing greater that the Creator (Alone) of every blessed thing in existence. Let’s place our faith and put our trust in the Lord of creation alone, who knows all.

With no disrespect to anyone’s religious, or non religious belief systems, when I reference true faith, I’m only referring to the Creator Alone, and I make no apologies for uttering that feeling. Don’t forget that America is really an ethnic salad bowl of many “colored” folk comprising many unique and diverse religions and belief systems, and that what makes us a potentially awesome nation in the making.

In closing, I want to leave you with a little reminder that someone said to me once about possessing faith. Read it carefully and it goes like this. It states:

 “When you have come to the edge of all the light that you know, and you are about to step off into the darkness of the unknown. (Remember) Faith is knowing that one of two things will happen; there will be something solid to stand on, or, you will be taught to fly (on the spot).”

Are you standing on solid ground of faith, or are you about to fly into the unknown without your parachute of faith? It’s only more food for thought.

Don’t forget that “As a faithful believer thinketh; so goes he or she.” Keep that in mind as you maintain your faith in Most High Alone at all times. For today and always, that’s, “As I See It.”


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