Along Life’s Winding Boulevards

By Hakim Abdul-Ali

Today’s thought waves are taking me to an isolated realm that’s simply entitled “Along Life’s Winding Boulevards.” To be exact, for one reason or another, I’ve been putting off writing this theme for about three weeks now.

This topic is an intrinsic one for me to vibe on and try to put something meaningful on your thinking agendas. It’s one, like I said, that has me stopping a self-imposed writer’s block and finally putting my vibes out to you and anyone else who reads this article.

It’s about looking at the living process, as fragile as it is, in a more spiritual, realistic realm. As you read on, please know that I’m not trying to persuade you, or anyone else, to do anything but to reflect and seriously think on your, my and others’ journeys through life and what is it really, really showing us.

In many instances, this requires a wise traveler to have a sound inner fortitude and a much more spiritual disciple in order to be able to navigate sanely from day to day. Traveling “Along Life’s Winding Road” can become a rather tedious mental and psychological journey if one is totally unhappy, confused, unfulfilled and depressed.

“Along Life’s Winding Boulevards” has me thinking about those local, national and global folks of “hue-manity’s” inner and outer struggles that they have to face daily. Understanding fully that life is a constant testing ground, I say that with no disrespect to those who are hooked on drugs, mentally depressed, unemployed, homeless and are psychologically tired among so many other issues and things to deal with on a diurnal plane of existence.

I know of some ethnic folk who literally think that they are better off than others because they have a little more of this and that and, because of these perky situations, they think that they are all of that and a bag of chips. Pardon my colloquial parlance in saying what I just said, but as I travel “Along Life’s Winding Boulevards,” I see many of those abstract-minded aforementioned souls, and that truly saddens me.

Life is about making choices and if those who are blessed to have a life of comfort and ease, I wish more for them, if that’s what they honestly desire, because I truly wish for my fellow ethnic brother and sister of “hue-manity” what I desire for myself and all those who are near and dear to me. Life, in this phase of earthly existence, is what it is and there’s no denying that basic truism, and I wish that reality should and would be understood by every morally intelligent being, including those who may not currently be spiritually in tuned.

“Along Life’s Winding Boulevards” is more than an afterthought to me, and I believe sincerely that it should be to you. As you absorb that last statement, just think of what has occurred, in all aspects of survivals, in your worlds of existences that has made you who are at this present moment, especially after all that you’ve experienced thus far.

Life is the best teacher in all affairs, and I think that a wise being would be praising the Most High Alone, in and under all circumstances, for the simple joy of being and living in this nourishing experience, without complaint or biases. You should know that your life’s creation is so very unique and that you’re extraordinarily special.

We all creations of the Creator Alone and I’m reminding you of that right now, in case you may have let it slip your present spiritual mindset. I see the beauty in God Alone’s majestic creation in every ethnic soul and nationality who I encounter in my daily worlds and sojourns of existences as I, too, travel “Along Life’s Winding Boulevards.” Do you?

I’m not perfect, nor are you or anyone else for that matter. This present world, as we know it, apparently isn’t either. “It is what it is.” And I know that we’ve got a lot of work to do in making it better, so remember that the living experience as you meander “Along Life’s Winding Boulevards” is too temporary a voyage to deal with mass ignorance, racism and stupidities galore if you ask me.

We all have flaws, hang ups, etc., to some degrees or the other, so there’s a need to understand that the living experience is a two-way ticketed voyage initially from the Most High Alone and a return back to the Creator. Remember that death awaits us all and that’s an unquestioned, predictable certainty.

You just don’t know when you’re time is up in this living phase of life as you move “Along Life’s Winding Boulevards” from one moment, hopefully, to the next. That’s why helping and assisting your fellow ethnic brother and sister in “hue-manity” with peace in your mind, heart and soul is a fundamental ingredient in establishing love for all and hatred towards no one.

As a proud citizen and a thinking brother of color, living in the land of the separate and the (obliviously) very much unequal, the belief in God Alone implies excellence in understanding, knowing and comprehending what the living process is in so many standards of cognition. To live in a place and country where stated freedom isn’t really free is an ongoing test unto itself and, if you’re of color, need I say any more?

Traveling “Along America’s Boulevards” as the Afrikans and Afro-Americans, e.g., have experienced “his-storically” over the horrifying past almost four centuries of racial injustices is an eternal testing process of survival and endurance that few other ethnic groups can truly decipher. It’s what makes Black folks who they are, individually and collectively, for better or worse, as they continually deal with lip service political bigotry and ethnic class distinction, along with plantation-like systematic miseducation, which go hand in hand, leading to further confusions of the mind, body and soul.

This reality hits us all daily as we see how so many of the nation’s rich and poor people now, en masse, seemingly, are taking their own lives via suicide and the crime wave is escalating for reasons we don’t seem to know or even care about. Add to that the fact that various youthful ethnic hoodlum gangs in American cities are scaring people to death, while young Black men are going to prison, or are dying in the streets, in record numbers, and homelessness and unemployment rates soars are now the not-so-invisible parts of the country’s imploding tapestry and political landscape.

Maybe, that explains why so many ethnic folk aren’t shocked anymore about what’s going on in our country and in the world-at-large as so many Americans and others flippantly meander “Along Life’s Winding Boulevards.” What’s your read on what I’m thinking? Give it some thought because time waits for no one. “Happy traveling,” and for today and always, that’s, “As I See It.”

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