Charleston Hip-Hop Publicist Tawana Tee to Celebrate Birthday with Laundry Matters Fundraiser

Hip-Hop publicist, Tawana Tee, will celebrate her birthday at Laundry Matters on Wednesday, September 5. Laundry Matters, a division of R3 (Real Talk-Real Action-Real Results), Inc., provides free laundry services to homeless individuals throughout Charleston’s Eastside community. With 13 washers and a dozen dryers, Laundry Matters, isn’t the most common place for a traditional birthday party however, Tee seems to think otherwise.

“The laundromat serves a greater purpose. It’s more than just a venue for my party. It’s an asset to the Eastside community and the only place of its kind. So, I’ve decided to throw a birthday fundraiser in support of Laundry Matters,” says Tawana.

The public is invited to celebrate the hip-hop publicist’s 33rd birthday by raising funds for Laundry Matters. On an average day, R3, Inc. and volunteers provide a minimum of $75-$100 in quarters to fund free washing and drying service to patrons. “Instead of receiving gifts, I would like for my supporters to stop by Laundry Matters and make a contribution…in quarters,” she requests. 

Laundry Matters also offers a meeting space for computer/technology classes, support groups, tutoring and community outreach. However, to maintain these services, R3, Inc. relies on donations and partnerships. In celebration of the birthday, suggested donations include 33 quarters in honor of Tee’s age, a standard roll of quarters ($10) and in kind donations like detergent, bleach, fabric softener, etc.

“With the help of Tawana Tee and other collaborative partners, we can continue to provide free access to clean clothes,” said David White Jr., co-founder, of R3, Inc. “Our services are both unique and imperative to the people we serve.”

Tawana Tee

To add to the birthday celebration, Many fACEs will be providing a soundtrack.

Laundry Matters will run its normal business hours, so the public is encouraged to drop in between 6:30 PM and 8:30 PM. The College of Charleston’s Catholic Student Association will also be facilitating a free laundry night on the 5th. Light refreshments will be served.

Laundry Matters is located at 51 Reid Street in downtown Charleston. For more information or to learn how to donate to R3, Inc. and Laundry Matters, email [email protected] or visit


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  1. Francine Edwards on August 30, 2018 at 9:50 am

    Oh How wonderful this is. See I know I join a great team of individuals who loves to give a helping hand. Tawanna Tee thanks for embracing this cause ,we are proud of you. Hey and Tee you look like and artist sitting there. We love it.

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