SC House Calls Brings Care Home

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On July 15, 2018, LTC Health Solutions launched SC House Calls, a new in-home physician service which includes nurse practitioners across the state. With over 100 providers and a 24-7 call center manned by professional medical personnel, SC House Calls brings home-based palliative care and home-based primary care directly to the patient. In addition, LTC Health Solutions manages seven traditional primary care clinics branded as Main Street Physicians.

SC House Calls understands a person’s home is defined as where they reside, whether that is a Skilled Facility, Assisted Living, Independent Living or private residence. SC House Calls can bridge the gap in care after a hospitalization, acute illness or injury, and in most cases we will see the patient earlier and reduce their chances for re-hospitalization. Additionally, SC House Calls coordinates all healthcare services with the patient’s primary care physician until such time as he/she can return to normal scheduled office visits.

Theresa Younis, President, stated “Studies have proven that seniors who have access to consistent managed health care, like the services provided through SC House Calls, can significantly reduce their chances of hospitalization. Our Senior communities across the state who partner with SC House Calls add value for their residents by providing access to on-site physician care and also gain an additional benefit by protecting and maintaining an overall healthier census.”

According to Will Stillinger, VP of Physician Services, “SC House Calls is proactive rather than reactive healthcare and we believe this solution is especially impactful in our rural and underserved communities where regular access to providers should lead to better outcomes and a better quality of life for the residents.”

SC House Calls believes that with our rapidly aging population, the emergence of new technologies and smart scheduling solutions, home-based primary care will become the norm rather than the exception.

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