BITTA Records to Host Fashion Show and Music Conference Extravaganza Weekend August 17-19

BITTA Records Presents the 1st Fashion Show and Music Conference Extravaganza Weekend, taking place in Charleston from August 17-19. This is the first year that BITTA Records is organizing their event, in which they hope to bring together the artistic communities of Charleston and surrounding areas to celebrate their talent, educate them on how to expand, and network amongst one another.

This weekend spans over 3 days in different parts of Charleston: August 17 is opening night, beginning with a grand fashion show starting at 7pm at the Green Room (11 Center Street in Folly Beach). The show will feature various local models and clothing lines from Charleston and from as far as Canada.

The following day, August 18 at 11am, there is the music conference hosted by Benni Banxx and Vaughn “VP” Postema, Radio Personality for Z93 Jamz. This day is for Charleston’s finest urban music acts and DJs will gather to network and enjoy an informative panel with mainstream music industry notables, such as Mike Matthews of Digital Radio Tracker, Kermit Henderson of ECMD, DJ D Da God of 520 Radio, SPSP DJs, and BITTA DJs, last but not least there is Charleston’s own DJ GMoney of the Senior VP of BITTA DJs and Fleet DJs, of USA All Star DJs, and Hittmen DJs. Musicians and DJs will be able to ask questions and engage with the panelists on a variety of industry related topics, while enjoying great music and networking at King Street Grille (2150 Northwoods Blvd. in North Charleston).

The last day, August 19, is the breakfast networking mixer from 7am to 9am at IHOP (7361 Mazyck Road in North Charleston) where attendees will be invited to continue making connections and helping BITTA Records, and their sponsors celebrate the conclusion to their first event.

“Charleston, SC is a bustling and beautiful city that has been rapidly growing as well as named the number 1 city in the U.S. by Travel & Leisure in 2017. Charleston is huge on the arts, fashion, and currently becoming a major corporate power,” says BITTA Records CEO, Seraphin Benjamin. “This event will serve as a platform for those talented individuals within those communities that need and want their voice to be heard.”

Sponsorship opportunities are still available to businesses and organizations interested in showing their support and joining BITTA Records in their mission to lift up the artistic communities of Charleston in a positive and mutually beneficial manner. Current opportunities are as follows:

  • 1st Tier – $100 (Logo Placement on flyers and posters)
  • 2nd tier – $150 (logo placement on flyers, posters, and backdrop)
  • 3rd tier – $250 (logo placement on flyers, posters, backdrop, and shirts)
  • Platinum tier $400 or higher (minimal of logo placement on flyers, posters, backdrop, shirts, and name mention in commercials, promotional items provided by sponsor which will be distributed in gift bags and other options based on agreement set between your establishment and their establishment)

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