If tomorrow comes and all of the fake news is true, what will we the people do? If our allies become our adversaries, if we have fighting in our streets, like in Afghanistan, never knowing if our city /municipality is next.

If our election process is so disrupted, that we are no longer a democracy/republic. If our military becomes a showcase of only an armored parade down Pennsylvania Avenue.

If our FBI, CIA and all of the agencies that protect us from espionage and dangerous infiltrations are defunct.

Would each of us accept responsibility for our demise and the freedom we have come to enjoy?

We often speak of us, leaving our country more secure for our children, our constitution, our American way of life. We speak of our military and freedom is not free, we often speak of our prosperity, jobs, an equality for all.

America the beautiful, in times of turmoil we have always put aside our differences.

Is this now a time for us to stand tall, put aside whatever it is that divides us, and live up to the words of our constitution: WE THE PEOPLE?


Virginia White Jamison


North Charleston City Council 2016-2020

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