North Charleston Native Lakia Wiggins Releases “The Real Poetic Justice”

According to Lakia Wiggins her book, The Real Poetic Justice: A Collection of Poetic Expressions, was born from many personal experiences and observations.” This is not a book that was written out of a desire to write poetry and make pretty pictures with words,” she said “It was birthed, almost as forcefully as a natural birth labor, based on a need to express sentiments and catalyze conversations around issues that plague us as individuals, our relationships and our communities.” The Real Poetic Justice was meant to “heal hearts, open eyes, tell truths and expose lies.”

Wiggins is a self-published author on a mission with a message. A native of North Charleston she is currently pursuing a degree in Business and Sociology and discovered myself her love for poetry growing up in New Cannon Street Baptist Church in downtown Charleston. Currently a member of Royal Baptist Church she is unafraid to broach sensitive and uncomfortable topics. Wiggins writes poetry for the people. Conversational and story-like, her work invites the likes of both the abstract artist and the artistic newcomer to partake.

The Real Poetic Justice is a collection of thoughts and difficult subject matter draped in the elegance of poetry written by an around the way girl. From honoring and giving insight into specific cultural experiences to encouraging vulnerability and self love the book reveals the heart of a woman and allows the world to feel what’s in it. It is a bold and in your face, yet vulnerable expression. It offers the voice of poetic justice to those who have not been able to express themselves, defend themselves or understand their counterparts in a very real way. Within its pages justice is served–poetically.

The Real Poetic Justice is a book of poems about life, love, relationships and culture. “I love to see people happy, being the best versions of themselves and loving one another,” Wiggins said. “I also love helping people to address the traumas and pains they may have experienced that prevent them from being happy or being able to love or be loved. I have used poetry to open those conversations.”

The Real Poetic Justice begins by paying homage to the black man and addressing the myth of the angry black woman. It continues on with issues of black culture, the ups and downs of relationships and, most importantly, a guide to learning to love God and self. Wiggins says it’s not just a book–it’s an experience.

The Real Poetic Justice is available in print and digital formats through iBooks, Amazon, Kindle Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Baker & Taylor, Copia, Gardners, eSentral, Scribd, Goodreads, Ciando, Vearsa as well as Wiggins’ direct website.

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