Wake Up, America!

No more Papa John’s Pizza for me. Too busy fighting racism, classism and sexism. Too busy declaring and decreeing to the Trump administration don’t deport DACA and TPS immigrants in America. Too busy fighting the murders of young Black men shot in the back by corrupt cops. As for me and my house we will buy our pizza from a local pizzeria that does not use the “N” word.

Praise God from whom all blessings flow for the brave divers who literally put their lives on the line to rescue 12 young boy soccer players and their coach, who were stuck in an extremely dangerous flooded cave in Thailand. The life-saving divers displayed total commitment. I wish that our President  would possess that same type of total commitment for poor people in America, instead of trying to destroy poor people’s Obamacare, Medicare, and Medicaid. I wish that our President would have total commitment for the broken, battered and bruised members of hurting humanity, instead of clearly committing man’s inhumanity to man by separating migrant children from their parents who are legally seeking asylum in America. I wish that Donald Trump would possess that same type of total commitment for America, instead ignoring Russia’s confirmed meddling in the Presidential election. I wish that President Trump was not politically in bed with President Putin.

We must stand up and speak up against Trump’s war on the poor, economic inequality crusade and his daily lifestyle of lies. If those 12 young boys tried to come to America as migrants, Trump would want to deport them through ICE ASAP. America, compromising our pro immigration convictions for a conservative Supreme Court Judge pick is unethical. Silence still means consent, and two wrongs will never make a right, America. The blood of millions savagely murdered during slavery in America and during the Holocaust speaks. The blood speaks from the ground. Yes the blood speaks from the graves of murdered Black African slaves and Jewish Holocaust victims saying “Don’t sell your soul America. NO COMPROMISE!!! Don’t make America hate again. Don’t let hate destroy the heart and soul of America.”

Let’s face it, America. President Trump is a traitor who must be impeached. He believes and fully embraces the Russian KGB over the American CIA and FBI. Responsible Republicans, Democrats and independents must come together as American patriots and vote out of office any and everyone who supports the Trump agenda of racism, classism, sexism and militarism, in the midterm elections. We must come together and cross all party lines in order to save America literally.

I wish that President Trump was not politically in bed with Russian President Putin, but President Trump clearly is compromised beyond any shadow of doubt and must be impeached after the midterm elections. Rise up America and do the right thing. IMPEACH TRUMP AND VOTE OUT HIS LEGISLATIVE BASE. P.S. A word to Trump’s base: He does not care a bit about you. He is using you and his policies are actually abusing you. WAKE UP!!!

Pastor Arthur L. Mackey Jr.

Senior Pastor, Mount Sinai Baptist Church Cathedral


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  2. Jay Holzman on July 21, 2018 at 10:34 am

    Double Amen!.

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