Suicide and Lessons Learned

By Hakim Abdul-Ali

My article today is truly for grown folk and the aware youth of consciousness. It’s about a depressing subject that’s been occurring in many glorified and not-so-venerated circles in America and beyond.

You see, I’m a very peculiar thinker when it comes to looking at many of life’s sorted experiences.

For one, I’m a soul who always believes that everything that occurs in life happens for a specific reason because I resolutely believe that life is revered and precious.

I haven’t always been that way because in the past, some of life’s mundane experiences, up to certain previous apathetic periods in my life, just didn’t afford me the intellect to comprehend how much life’s shared experiences added up for me and other folks. The living experience is no laughing matter when one is in pain mentally and feeling adrift in world that doesn’t seem to care.

Life, for what it’s worth, can be cruel and harsh at times to a troubled mind, and it may be likened to the frozen tundra of Antarctica. In other words, some tart “hue-man” communal experiences can have a begrudging impact on how one looks at what’s occurring, or happening, in his or her present or possible future worlds of existences.

The living experience, as we presently know it, is sometimes like a baffling and mystifying unfolding book that perplexes what’s happening in our current unsuspecting worlds of occurrences. It’s not bemusement, or anything of the sort, that’s taking place in a confused individual’s mind because what is to him or her, simply is that, no matter what you may think.

That’s why the living experience is so fragile because you never know what’s going on someone else’s mind, heart and soul and you may never know what’s ticking in those enclosures. So, I firmly believe as the signs of life dictates, including from hyped good fortunes to the unexpected mishaps of life, etc., that everything happens for a reason.

As such, each distinct happening, or unique occurrence, is in reality like another of lessons to be learned if you ask me.

The living experience is a fantastic teaching university, but some of us in “hue-manity” fail to comprehend what the Most High Alone is revealing to us constantly and how much significance that each second in the living experience is and how we mustn’t give into despair or heartbreak.

Then again, on the flip side of the understanding coin, there’s countless blessed souls, who know that even with the continual heartaches and disappointments of life, they have learned much in the process over time in hanging in there when times are rough as you know what.

Do you know where I’m coming from, or are you still a doubter that life’s experiences, even the distressing ones, are the absolute best teaching lessons in which to move forward when adversity strikes at our mind’s doorsteps?

In the Black communities of America, e.g., it’s not uncommon to hear spiritually directed folk say that they are blessed and highly favored. In fact, a very wise, spiritually minded Christian lady, who I know, literally always says that to me whenever I ask her how her day has been thus far.

It’s a powerful metaphor that carries much weight to another likeminded soul like me, because life is valued and we mustn’t take it for granted regardless of our religious leanings, or lack thereof. To be highly blessed and truly favored is to give total recognition to the Creator Alone who has bestowed another precious moment in time for all of us to be fully cognizant spiritually developed souls in all our tests, tribulations and traumas.

Yes, life can be brutal at times, but I’m in that celestial grouping of coping beings because I know that no matter what happens or occurs in my worlds of existences, I’ve been blessed to savor something from whatever has occurred in my past, or is even going on my present state of being. I realize that life is a subsisting sojourn from the cradle to the grave, and that all points in between are filled with unpredictable predicaments in this amazing experience called living in the hear and now.

I know that there are some abstract thinkers, and many lost souls, who complain about every little thing that goes on in their fictional orbits of experiences wherever they live or reside globally speaking. A few of these fictitious beings may not understand that life is not controlled by “hue-mans”, but rather by the Creator Alone of everyone and everything in existence.

The Most High Alone never places more on our individual and collective agendas that we can’t handle, but we must exhibit faith and trust in the Creator Alone, knowing that in end, everything is going to be alright. God Alone is greater than everyone and everything, and that’s the most important lesson to know, remember and never, ever forget.

Speaking upfront, I, at one time in my introspective voyages through life, lost knowledge of that key lesson in life, and I trust that as you read on, that you know that there are many global “hue-man’s,” in every ethnicity, who may now be hurting, feeling abandoned and are overwhelmed by life’s nuances.

Some of us in “hue-maniy” think that they are “know-it-alls,” and you can’t tell them anything because they are stuck on stupid, and they think that they proverbially are all of that and a bag of chips, without the slightest concern about the next soul’s feelings or sensitivities. Do you know anyone like that in your worlds of experiences?

Unfortunately, I don’t believe that you’ll have much difficulty replying in the affirmative to that question because I certainly know some folk who are like that in my worlds of existences, and it’s terribly sad because no selfish, aloof and unsympathetic soul knows more than the Creator Alone of everything and and everyone.

Life is from God Alone, and that’s a cardinal rule that should apply to every basic comprehension of life in all of its magnificent manifestations.

Today’s trials of life are difficult enough in an increasingly and very apparent Godless society gone berserk, causing many unbelievers and doubters to lose a grip on who they are. Sadly, the spate of recent high profile celebrity and lesser known suicides point that out in many ways indicating they may not have learned that no matter what trials or turmoils were in their worlds of existences, those unknown circumstances were “only” tests from  God Alone.

Listen, I’m not here to judge anyone who may taken his or her own life, but in my own spiritual thinking mode, every life has value until the Most High Alone, the Creator Alone of everything and everyone, says it’s over.

Life is a daily, perilous expedition from here to there, and everyone is going to be put though an assortment of personal miseries and agonies, some more so than others, but they all are (still) classified as the tests of life.

As I write this piece, I’m extending my prayers and well wishes to the suffering family members and friends of anyone who may have committed suicide. The lessons learned from your painful losses cannot be put into words except that we, who are amongst the living, must gain insight from these tormenting experiences because, as I’ve said before, everything that occurs in life happens for a reason.

Life is real and from racism to bullying to, well, you name it, we need to be aware of the ticking time bombs of negativity, hopelessness, discouragement and worthlessness that potentially exists in all of us from time to time. So, let’s help those who we know are in a visible need of help in correcting their thinking patterns of isolation and despair.

The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline’s 24/7 hour telephone number is 1-800-273-8255. They provide free and confidential support for folk who are is distress.

Every ethnic soul in every community is vulnerable, if you ask me, so don’t be surprised by the next known, or unknown soul, who may attempt to, or actually, commit suicide. This is only a wake up call from yours truly. Be aware!

Please know that every “hue-man” soul in creation has value and worth in my world. Be a caring friend in need to aid those who are going through trying times in their minds and lives. I hope that you remember also that, once again, life is precious and sacred. For today and always, that’s, “As I See It.”



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