South Carolina’s 2018 Sales Tax Holiday kicks off on Friday, August 3

Get ready for South Carolina’s annual Sales Tax Holiday weekend with a list of items that will be tax free from Friday, August 3, through Sunday, August 5, 2018.

During tax free weekend, a variety of back-to-school essentials are exempt from the state’s 6% Sales Tax and any applicable local taxes. Tax free items range from clothing, accessories, and shoes to school supplies, book bags, and computers. Shoppers will also find tax free items for the home and dorm room.

In past years, South Carolina shoppers have saved between $2 million and $3 million during the holiday weekend.

For more information about this year’s Sales Tax Holiday and for a detailed list of exempt and nonexempt items, please visit the South Carolina Department of Revenue’s website at

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  1. Simon B. on September 11, 2018 at 5:12 am

    Hey, I have a question what changes will I see in my tax refund I have a child and I make about 23,000 this was my first year claiming my daughter I’m still in school but I’ve heard a lot of people saying that I will get much less because of the new tax plan.

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