Don’t Support Cockroach Politicians

By Beverly Gadson-Birch

Whoever said politicians make strange bedfellows knew what they were talking about. It’s amazing how politicians seek out everything Black prior to elections and after elections, you don’t see or hear from them until re-election time. They won’t even accept your phone calls. So, why are you allowing them in your churches on Sunday mornings? I don’t know about y’all but the last thing I want to see at church is a scheming, “cockroach” deceiving and unbelieving politician. I am there for “thus saith the Lord” and not thus promise the politician.

The closer we get to the June elections, the deeper the dung. Here is the problem I have during every election—uninformed voters. Do your homework! Prior to voting you need to research the candidates. You can pretty much tell what a candidate will do if elected by what they have or have not done in the past.

Stop voting for folks who make grandiose promises until they get in office and do absolutely nothing to add value to your life and community. If a sitting politician/mayor tells you he/she is not going to do anything for your community because you did not vote for him/her, believe them! Why cast your vote to the wind? You might as well stay home if you are going to vote for someone who has promised you absolutely nothing if they are elected. Basically, you are doing yourself and community a disservice by voting for a politician who spends your tax dollars in communities where you can’t walk or ride without coming under suspicion. Why do you continue to vote for someone who has already told you what they will not do?

In North Charleston for instance, you have Councilmembers and a mayor that have been elected over and over again. Councilmembers are supposed to represent you at council meetings. How many times have you seen your Councilmember? Do you even know who he/she is? What about services to your community? What services are you receiving or have received since the last election? Now that the Primary is getting close, you might see a street sweeper or your trash picked up on time for a couple of weeks. However, do not get comfortable!! Just as soon as the election is over, so are your services.

Dorchester Waylyn and Terrace sit in the heart of North Charleston and represent a significant divide between the “haves and have nots”. And, believe me when I tell you, these communities “have not”. What both communities have in common is an exponential crime rate that is out of control. The most effective deterrent to crime is education. And since Charleston has a dual educational system, don’t expect too much help there. And even more important, Blacks need to stop following folks to a trough with the promise of water. Accabee, Five Mile, Chicora Cherokee, Ferndale, Russeldale, and Union Heights are also communities of neglect—majority low income, race and division. The disparities in spending are clear and designed to hold black and brown folks to mediocre living standards. Predominately white neighborhoods have clean streets, underground wiring, neatly trimmed trees, nice playgrounds and equipment, pools and schools. And, black communities have just the opposite—trash, overgrown weeds, trees with branches growing into electric wires above the streets, open drainage ditches, run down playground with obsolete playground equipment. Blight, blight and more blight!! Fight, fight and more fights!! Out of sight, sight!!

Black folk, you control your destiny at the polls. Stop allowing folks to steal your vote. These blood sucking politicians are like “cockroaches”. “Cockroaches” generally come out at night when it’s quiet and dark. We have dealt with these darn “cockroaches” long enough. They come to our churches, community centers, sorority and fraternity meetings and speak with a fork tongue. In other words, they mean the black community NO GOOD. I can’t think of any good purpose a cockroach serves, can you? There are three choices if you wish to rid your community of “cockroaches”: turn on the light and see them run for the hills, spray or step on them. Many “career politicians” have made a living on the backs of poor taxpayers; your time has come. Send a message to “cockroach” politicians on Monday, June 11, early voting or at the polls on Tuesday, June 12.

Think on these things!

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