Racism, Spirituality and Life’s Tests

By Hakim Abdul-Ali

Living and traveling through this maze of modern happenings we call the life experiences can get a little edgy at times. You probably don’t need me to tell you that living a life in a world of racism, bigotry and intolerance should have taught you a thing or two by now.

If that’s true, then at this juncture in our collective lives we can agree that in our individual sojourns through life’s journeys thus far, we should have something significantly about life’s tests including living a racist environ. Some folk know what I’m talking about, and others are morbidly lost without any salient comprehensions about life’s lessons and what they really, really mean to a student of knowledge.

Living in many of today’s pretentious realms of make-believe and always being politically correct is likened to some like being in and looking for a perpetual joyride to escape the realities of life’s trials while living a reoccurring painful lie. I say that because I believe that some of the lessons learned from the living experiences are necessary directional tests and guidance exit points for us to follow as we look back at and forward to the happenings in our respective lives. 

Life is a test and living in a world of racism has been good for anyone’s long-term health, spiritually, mentally or physically speaking. Look at what our country has fallen to as this land has become more racially divided than ever. Does that exist in your area code, or do you think think that this is a too perplexing question to ask of you? It should, because it probably describes an overwhelming percentage of closeted  intolerant  beings who are racially inhabiting and sharing the exact space and time with you at this very moment, forever lost into their own private “me, myself and I” worlds.

So, whenever I think, e.g., of “Racism, Spirituality and Life’s Tests” presently, I remind myself that I need to reflect upon the slave ships of yesteryear that carried my Afrikan ancestors to hell and back. I must continually utter to my silent ego, “Never Again”, as I think of my ancient forefathers and foremothers and what they had to go through while existing under the brutality of the Afrikan, Arab, European and American provocateurs  of slavery and racism, so please don’t tell me about suffering.

I’ll never forget those known and unknown ebony souls, who were victimized because of the color of their skin and what their religious beliefs and cultural habits were. For me, like other mindful “colored” folk of the universe, who have their own receptive ethnic perspective slants on what slavery and racism has done to their ancestors was all about, I, too, again, will never forget. The desires of many of today’s lost ethnic souls, who incessantly scream “We Shall Over Come” in search of freedom now seems isolated and grounded,  are now in their own personal flights to acquiring more spiritual insight and moral “hue-manistic” understanding. It’s not an easy expressway for the light-minded in “hue-manity,” who may not care to reflect with introverted reverence on those in their noble culture who came before them.

I hope that is a fact in understanding what the tests of life really are about to and for the inquiring mind and not for the foolish at heart. Do you know for whom does the flag really, really, (really) wave for?

In your heart of hearts, is the ballyhooed equal justice cry really for everyone in reality’s wake up call zone, or is it only for a few of the token, chosen, selected and elected privileged masses? And as you think about that, please also ask yourself who really is safe in this land of the borderline separate and still very much unequal if the color of one’s skin is a red herring deterrent to freedom, justice and liberation for all?

“Racism, Spirituality and Life’s Tests” and ebony cultural folk’s continual mistreatments everywhere have me thinking in a somewhat totally unconventional way today because I’m beginning to wonder if freedom is, or was, a one-hit tune on a defunct radio station that’s not operating any more? Is anybody listening to the cries of the suffering masses as cellphones and social media become the junk food attractions of modernity? Some folk tell me that “Racism, Spirituality and Life’s Tests” are like unspoken metaphors, unchallenged realities, even among and for present day disconnected deniers of what racism’s dastardly effect has done to unsuspecting Afro-descendant “colored” folk’s mindsets in America and the rest of the world, both past and present.

Some may disagree with that, but I don’t, because like I said before in my introduction, life’s tests are also filled with pain. That’s why I have to marvel at how some of my cultural known and unknown ancestors travelled in their solitary time zones while trying to seek an understanding about the viscous cruelty of slavery, racism, bigotry and discrimination. I don’t know how they did it in the midst of such virulent oppression and racial hatred galore. I can never forget their courage,  struggles and sufferings, and their undeniable strengths overwhelms me to this very moment.       

And because of them, I must forever keep my mind on the real prize of spiritual liberation with a serene and unshakable belief in the Most High Alone. That unbreakable spiritual tie to the Creator Alone has allowed me to understand that without The Most High Alone, where would I be? That’s a spiritual question in life that any concerned soul may want to directionally pose to his or her  inquiring spiritual mindset. So,  I (seriously) ask you to ask yourself, “Who created you and everything in existence, and who is in control of all of life’s destinies and happenings?” 

It may be a mystery to some ethnically “colored” folk who are traveling down life’s predictable, unpredictable roadways, expressways and paths, but to the spiritually navigated wise in all of “hue-manity,” they know that the answer is God Alone, (The) Creator Alone of everyone and everything. No created man or woman is capable of creating anything, though they may invent something by the Creator Alone’s permission.

I further know that on the slave ships from hell and back during the Middle Passage, some, if not a majority of the enslaved Afrikan descendants, knew of  and believed in the Oneness of God Alone. Also, I know that they did not, nor could, or would they, believe that any man or woman was the Creator Alone of the earth, its inhabitants, heavens and beyond, and definitely not someone who didn’t resemble them in any shape, manner or form. Their listed and undisclosed strivings were fearsome.

It’s said that truth is the light and it will set you free. If that is to be believed, and it is not merely a mouthed statement uttered to the wind, then everything that happens in life, including the tests, must happen for a reason. Sometimes, it takes a long time for some of us to grasp this basic truism of life, but when you do, you’ll know that it’s another powerful lesson learned from being in the living experience called life. To God (Alone) be the glory.

With remembrance of and honor to the forgotten sacrifices and struggles of all ethnically oppressed “colored” folks’ ancestors of the world, I will never forget your struggles because your sacrifices are also very much a part of understanding “Racism, Spirituality and Life’s Tests” to me. For today and always, that’s, “As I See It.”


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