East Cooper Civic Club presents the 2018 Gullah Geechee Empowerment Seminar at the Sweetgrass Cultural Arts Festival

Crowd shot of 2017 Gullah Geechee Empowerment Seminar (Photo: Damion Smalls)

The East Cooper Civic Club presents its 2018 Gullah Geechee Empowerment Seminar, featuring important information for local Gullah Geechee citizens. Topics will include Gullah Geechee Culture, Health Disparities among Gullah Geechee people, and Land Preservation. The seminar will be held Saturday, June 2 from 9 am to 2 pm at the Mount Pleasant Memorial Waterfront Park’s Cooper River Room during the Sweetgrass Cultural Arts Festival.

ECCC continues to encourage younger citizens to familiarize themselves with issues that directly impact their futures. The Civic Club sees its 30 to 40-year-old citizens as “bridges” from and to the many successes that can and do exist in Gullah Geechee communities. This series and other planned networking options are being made available to recreate actions that can boost community success. Civics is the study of the rights and responsibilities of citizenship. America is in the middle of a civics lesson. Here’s a day when Gullah Geechee citizens can study “CIVICS” together.

Grandmothers prized Health and Strength. Medical professionals, with expertise regarding disparities common to us, will be available. Is “a little sugar” a “big deal”? You bet! Presenters will talk about cancer, diabetes and stroke awareness, prevention and continuing care. We’ll look at current medical research and ask, “Can we talk about clinical trials yet?” Basic medical screening will be available on site.

“Does anyone know where that Bible in the turquoise and white Avon bag, from the second shelf in the hall closet is? That was Big Momma’s Grand-momma’s Bible!” How well do you take care of personal legacy items? Think any of those new museums might be interested? What are they looking for? Might they call? Is there a million dollars in your attic? Archivist and author, Harlan Greene, will help you with your decision making and with ways to care for your Great, Great grandmother’s cherished items.

A quest for Economic Development was nurtured amongst people formerly enslaved here. The task system utilized in rice growing ventures promoted Economic Development. In yesteryear, Geechee people believed that having a “Hustle” meant “betting on yourself”! Stuart Williams, Impact Entrepreneurship Author and Professor, will be on hand to share new approaches for starting businesses that thrive while changing the world for the better. Today’s economic climate makes starting your own business and succeeding at it more important than ever. Come find out why!

Gullah Geechee Culture is a “Land Based” culture. Land Ownership issues are to be expected in a city designated 3rd most prosperous in America! Many Gullah Geechee residents are “Land-rich and cash poor” – a recipe for frustration and misunderstandings!

Thought about getting a mortgage to buy land or real property? You might have been sitting across from one of this seminar’s presenters, Mike Bennett! He’ll be available to share some information that might have helped you then. This segment is designed to help you before you’re on the other side of the desk!

Are you involved with Probate issues? What can you expect if you attempt to handle it yourself? We’ll have a presenter, who knows a lot about these issues.

Attorney Willie B. Heyward, JD from The Heirs Property Law Center can speak about many aspects of Land Ownership and Transfer (Heirs Property, Wills, Trusts, Probate, Tax: Assessment Appeals and Sales, Gentrification, Family Mediation, Intergenerational Appreciation, Intra-Family Communication, etc.).

This series is designed for Gullah Geechee citizens, their family & friends. No charge! Snacks! Reunion!

Mek ‘oohnah no com fa a siddown wid we!

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