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“Better Than That”: A teen stage play production by Stephanie McKenny

“Better Than That” is a play based on the lives of four teen girls who are dealing with today’s issues.

Being slapped and practically punched by your boyfriend in the middle of the hallway and having a mother who thinks you want to come between her and her live-in boyfriend are difficult issues and bit much for Myra Thomas to deal with. Her friends have their own minor issues to deal with as well.

Monica has a beautiful voice, but she can’t seem to get past being teased because she’s dark skinned and overweight. Monica soon realizes that she can’t change the color of her skin, but she can change how she feels about herself.

Chastity’s parents want her to live up to her name, which means to abstain from sex; to be pure and not sinful; however, she finds it difficult to maintain that image while having Jonathan Berry, her boyfriend since eighth grade, in her life.

Chandra Mitchell is glad to get a well-known boyfriend, who is one of the head quarterbacks at the high school they attend. She just hopes that Brian Miller isn’t playing with her feelings.

What challenges! How do teenagers today cope and still keep their heads about them with studying and keeping up with their lessons?

Come and join the fun and see how to deal with these and other issues in the teen world.  Parents, teachers, and other adults who work with young people: there will be lessons and much insight on how to approach and support your daughters and your sons, and young people today, because they too are: “Better Than That”.

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