R.B. Stall Students Soar on Aerospace Engineering Exams

From left to right: Robert Sullivan (instructor), Maalik Anderson (9th grade), Michael Gamboa (10th grade), and Bonnie Knighton (instructor)

R.B. Stall High School (RBSHS) freshman Maalik Anderson and sophomore Michael Gamboa scored in the top two levels on the end-of-course assessment for the Advanced Career Aerospace Engineering program, earning recognition from the Southern Regional Education Board (SREB), which worked with industry leaders to develop the program.

The program is being offered at Stall for the first time this year, thanks to $50,000 from the South Carolina State Department of Education’s Office of Career and Technology Education. Anderson and Gamboa excelled in the first of the four-course series. About 60 students are now involved in the program.

SREB’s Advanced Career courses are rigorous programs of study that prepare students for both college and career opportunities in high-demand fields in the areas of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). The programs offer several “pathways,” one of which is Aerospace Engineering, which RBSHS has embraced. All of the courses include math, literacy, and science components, and require students to work in teams on projects that build 21st century skills such as collaboration, critical thinking, creativity, and communication.

Scholars mirror methods of working in STEM-related fields, such as using a design process, keeping a professional notebook, and interacting with industry professionals. They also gain the following traits and opportunities:

     • Technical knowledge and skills to earn a living wage

     • Academic and technical skills that prepare them for college without the need for expensive and time-consuming remedial courses

     • A behind-the-scenes look at the industry through field experiences

     • A chance to work with an industry mentor

Science teacher Bonnie Knighton and math teacher Robert Sullivan are facilitating the program at Stall. Advanced Career teachers participate in rigorous training to learn modern technical skills and the use of non-traditional and student-centered methods to help students develop creativity, use problem-solving skills, experience working with a peer team, and interact with industry professionals.

“As Maalik and Michael’s teacher in Foundations of Aerospace Engineering, I couldn’t be more proud of these two young men,” explained Knighton. “It has been such a fulfilling experience to watch students blossom using lessons that are project-based. The curriculum for this class is not easy, but all of our students excelled in a multitude of ways.”

For more information regarding the Advanced Career Aerospace Engineering program at R.B. Stall, please contact Principal Jeremy Carrick at (843) 764- 2200.


Source via Charleston County School District

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