Black Creatives Share Knowledge and Words of Encouragement at Second Annual “Falling In Love With Your Passion”

(left to right) Khadijah Dennis, Founder of The Conqueror Movement. (Top) Terrance Duren, Videographer for The Conqueror Movement, Greg Colleton, Redux Contemporary Art Center, Kendall Grant, Creative Director for The Conqueror Movement

By Typhani Gray

On April 21, a local nonprofit organization within the black community, The Conqueror Movement, hosted their second annual networking experience, “Falling in Love With your Passion”.

The Falling in Love with Your Passion event stands as a division of The Conqueror Movement for a space where millennial creatives can influence and inspire one another to better their artistic abilities. The social was a means of networking with other artists in hopes to inspire those who may just be beginning. For those who may already be in the game, it stood as a space where they could reflect to where it all began and why they should continue to do what they love.

The Falling in Love With your Passion event also gave an opportunity to young black entrepreneurs to showcase their products and sell their products and services to those in attendance.

“The event was fantastic… it gave me that push I needed to not give up and work on perfecting my craft each and everyday,” said blogger Ashanti Brown.

The social was held at Redux Contemporary Arts Center. Food was provided by One Love Jamaican Cuisine.

The founder of The Conqueror Movement, Khadijah Dennis, was the host of the evening, as fellow of her group members gave additional assistance in orchestrating the event.


Guest speakers Damain Fulmore and Sunrhe were a few of the many motivational speakers of the night. Fulmore and Sunrhe shared parts of their journey that were intimate, yet relatable to those at the social. Both speakers shared touching stories of their past that sets as the foundation of their remarkable success thus far.

“This event was so inspiring. It gives me hope… knowing that others like me have shared the some of the same setbacks along their journey and it didn’t stop them from doing what they love to do,” Taylor Morrison proclaimed, an aspiring music producer.

“Job well done to The Conqueror Movement,” declared Brandon Scott, a photographer in attendance. “We need more events like this to let these creative gems in our local black community know that there are others who can relate to the beauty that can be created from the ruins.”

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The organization can also be reached through these three social media platforms:

Instagram: @theconquerormovement

Facebook: The Conqueror Movement

Twitter: @iconquer2012

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