Waffle House Murders: You Can’t Eat Out?

By Beverly Gadson-Birch   

It has been proven by the Emanuel 9 church murders that you aren’t safe in church, by the Pulse Night Club and Las Vegas Concert mass murders that you aren’t safe at night clubs and outdoor concerts, by Columbine, Sandy Hill and Douglas massacre that students aren’t safe in school and by the recent Waffle House murders that you aren’t safe in a restaurant. You really aren’t safe anywhere. The gun controversy is real. Politicians are hiding under the Second Amendment to the Constitution which gives citizens the “right to bear arms”.

According to Wikipedia, The Second Amendment to the United States Constitution giving citizens the “right to bear arms” was adopted December 15, 1791. According to White History, America was founded July 4, 1776. The country was still in its infancy. There was no military to protect citizens. The people had a right to protect themselves. The intent of the Second Amendment by the founding fathers has been twisted. It is time to amend the Amendment. Why ‘da heck is there no limit to the number of guns a person can have? Who needs to stockpile an arsenal when we have the military? So, what y’all ‘gonna do with all those guns? You can’t kill but one deer at a time. You don’t need rapid succession firing in the first place unless you can’t shoot. I have said on numerous occasions, no one other than the military and authorized law enforcement officials should have access to assault weapons. What is it going to take to stop gun toting, assault weapons fanatics from committing mass murders?

Before we get on the subject of who should or should not be carrying a gun, let’s first establish the fact that everyone who acts crazy isn’t necessarily crazy. And, everyone who purportedly is sane isn’t. Perhaps, the gunman wearing nothing more than a jacket when he set out on his killing spree at the Tennessee Waffle House fits the description of crazy or should I say, “mentally challenged”.

According to the Associated Press, the gunman identified as Travis Reinking had been involved in several incidents, including one at the White House. Reinking was arrested and charged by the F.B.I. in connection with trespassing at the White House when he demanded to see President Trump. The charges were dropped after he completed community service (CNN). Illinois authorities revoked Reinking’s right to possess weapons after the White House incident. Illinois authorities later returned the guns to Reinking’s father who allegedly gave the guns back to his son. The week prior to the Waffle House murders Reinking reportedly stole a car from a Nashville dealership. He managed to allude the police.  The car was found at Reinking’s apartment complex, but, police could not tie the theft at the time to Reinking.

I often hear folks say parents are not responsible for their children’s actions and you can’t judge the children by the parents. Whoa! Some parents really don’t deserve to be labeled for their children’s actions but there are those who should. I am no authority on mental illness but if my son is running around nude or in a pink dress nobody has to tell me something is wrong with that boy. My first reaction would be to get professional help for him.

In the case of Reinking’s father, he needs to be locked up in the same cell with his “mentally challenged” son and the key thrown away. He knew his son had issues and he gave him the same assault rifle, returned to him by Illinois authorities, to murder four people at the Waffle House.  Who knows how many more victims would have died had a witness to the shootings not wrestled the gun away. Hats off to the hero!!

Let me just say this emphatically!! Illinois officials should have confiscated those guns and not return them to Reinking’s father. An investigation needs to be opened to see why those guns were returned. Now, y’all know if the shooter was of a different hue, the officials would not have returned those guns. What happened at the Waffle House is what happens repeatedly in this country when we don’t apply the laws equitably.

Politicians! It is time to do what is right. Let’s work on getting assault weapons out of the hands of ordinary citizens.

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