CAJM’s Nehemiah Action Assembly To Address Lack Of Affordable Housing

Shown: CAJM’s Nehemiah Action Assembly at Mt. Moriah Missionary Baptist Church in 2016

At CAJM’s Nehemiah Action Assembly on April 30th, over 2,000 community members will gather to address the lack of affordable housing in the Charleston area. CAJM calls on public officials to adopt the best practice in creating a dedicate source of funding for creating, rehabilitating, and preserving affordable housing in the region.

The housing crisis in the Charleston area must be addressed. Thousands in the Charleston area can’t afford to live here. 40% of owners and 57% of renters in Charleston County spend more than 30% of their monthly income on housing cost. Over 211,000 families have to decide between paying rent or mortgage and buying groceries or putting money away for their children’s college education. High housing cost forces many out of cities and into areas far from where they work and into unincorporated areas. In Mount Pleasant, 18,000 people commute to work each day because they cannot afford to live near their job.

As the population continues to increase in the Lowcountry, the high demand for housing will continue to drive up prices. The average rent for a two-bedroom apartment in Charleston County is currently $1,037 per month. In order to afford this monthly rent, one needs to earn $19.84 per hour or $41,489 per year. A person earning minimum wage in South Carolina would need to work 110 hours a week, almost 16 hours a day, to afford that two-bedroom apartment.

North Charleston has the highest eviction judgment rate of any community in the country at 16.5%. For the county as a whole, 9.3% of Charleston’s renter households are formally evicted every year. That is roughly one in ten renter families. When families lose their housing, the results are devastating.

The event will take place at Mount Moriah Missionary Baptist Church located at 7396 Rivers Avenue, North Charleston. Registration begins at 6:15 PM.

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