Mood Vibrations from Within

By Hakim Abdul-Ali

The total living experience is a magnificent opportunity to develop and achieve spiritual and psychological advancements for one’s soul. I firmly believe that all one can frankly say about the living experience and its mighty lessons is “it is what it is” and this rings true in more ways than one.

It’s a preeminent “mood vibration” that lingers in my mind to this very day. I’ve always felt that the living experience is a challenging privilege because life’s episodes always provokes me to look into myself to see what my heart and soul are advising me to observe and internalize at every nook and cranny of existence.

That’s the present realness of what my being orchestrates me to compose in dramatic format in times like this. In my literary heart of hearts I’m a poet writing as a columnist who is deeply affected by the inherent mood vibrations of nature and all that’s innate and cognitively clear about what’s going on around me.

To those innermost vibrations I’m thinking now about the mellowness of just being at peace within myself during my daily tests because that’s exactly what the living experience does to me and other conscious souls.

All of us who are spiritually aware (and know that every moment in time yields another opportunity to be at peace with one’s self, nature and those residing in it) are content to strive for a higher understanding of tranquility in the living process.

I hope that doesn’t seem too ornate because today’s article, in reality, is a simple “chill pill” kind of literary piece because all that I’m attempting to put forth is that I desire for my readers to think about just being at peace with themselves and others, without hatred towards anyone or anything for one solitary moment in time.

I hope that’s not asking too much. Please follow my next thoughts to the fullest.

Being at peace within one’s self is the ultimate mood vibration and it should be a personal experience that every living and breathing being is challenged to engage in. To some folk it goes without saying and to others in it’s a complex struggle of the most strenuous kind.

As I write today I’m very much aware of the many ethnic and religious hot spots of conflicts going on around the globe where peace is an unspoken metaphor.

From local disturbances to wanton global terrorism, real peace is an ambiguous utopia beyond the comprehension of many of the world’s suffering populace.

The specter of war and the global hatred of melanated folk everywhere, with all of its detrimental aftermaths, has never brought intelligent resolves to any permanent understanding of what peace is for all of the oppressed folk of color and the world’s suffering and impoverished masses.

Study all the “his-stories” of every nation and one will more than likely find some residue of continuing hate existing in one group or the other that still lingers to this very day as many politicians exploit and filibuster the peace enigmas.

As a result of these all too real scenarios I’ve become a thinking soul who seeks inner peace within myself first before trying to persuade someone else to choose that path.

Initiating peace on any level has become complicated enough for everyone globally to not be able to recognize that we can’t change anyone’s mind, moods or thought patterns towards peace unless they fully wish or have the desire to practice it themselves.

The inner struggles for intuitively understanding the so-called good and evil dynamics, which exists everywhere in “hue-mankind,” can be an exasperating experience.

Just like love and hate these vibratory tendencies will forever be visible in the hearts and minds of some of the variant, contrary souls in creation as long as we live.

Along those lines, I’m reminded that love can’t be found in someone or something else if one is inwardly unhappy. Far too many of us in society (myself included) may fall prey to that misconception when our hearts, minds and souls are morose in the pursuit of love. Is love a war game?

I don’t know, but I used the word war when speaking about the ultimate battle we sometimes face in telling ourselves inwardly that we’re downcast about this or that which occurs in our personal amorous worlds of existences.

Indecisiveness about any choice in life, including the so-called love game, usually ends with inner misery and outer conflicts appearing with real inner peace nowhere to be found.

To be truly happy and at peace we must rise above the irritating echoes of discontent lurking in our sometimes scrambled thoughts.

The love game, like all other experiences in life is challenging, but a long time a ago a wise soul told me that love doesn’t love anyone if who first doesn’t love him or herself. Feelings matter.

Misery loves company and we all waste too much time being concerned about what others think about us. That’s a mental war many hue-mans become engaged in trying to please invisible foes who really don’t matter. That’s a fact. Take it or leave it.

Being happy is a peaceful soliloquy within one’s self and it’s a personal choice that one must make to attain inner contentment without trying to hurt others.

So please remember to be very careful in the so-called love game because in searching for inner peace and sharing love one must know that it’s not something to toy with as some folk do without regard to the consequences.

Know that inner peace is an infectious reality that should bring a smile to one’s soul. Remember “thoughts are synonymous to actions” and “as a soul thinketh there goes he or she.” These are mood vibrations that should be felt from within.

Realize if the next second is a gift and it is up to the individual to decide to be at peace or at war within him or herself (and others). Each breath that we take is also a patient reminder of a mood vibration within us.

We all need to focus on being more patient and in following the Creator’s path to inner and outer peace in this ever-present reality, knowing that the next breath we experience could be our last. Please consider this as you breathe peaceful vibrations. For today that’s “As I See It.”

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