Black Panther Makes Big Statements Across the Board

By Jolie O’Rourke

Your new favorite superhero movie just got bigger! Black Panther was recently titled the No. 1 highest-grossing superhero film ever in the U.S. This weekend, sales bumped the total domestic boxoffice ticket sales to $630.9 million, surpassing The Avengers with $623.4 million back in 2012. Black Panther is also currently the No. 5 highest grossing movie of all time in the U.S. and No. 12 worldwide. And the fun isn’t over yet! Black Panther is trending to surpass sales of Star Wars and Titanic.

Many are referring to Black Panther as a “movement”, and it’s far from your average superhero movie. In times like today, where race, gender, and beliefs are so heavily judged and talked about, an uplifting movie celebrating black culture and black people is sure to make a statement. This message brought forth positivity and empowerment by showcasing smart, innovative, strong, loving black people in the nation of “Wakanda”. Their futuristic technology was the cure to many illnesses, their sense of family and loyalty made them warriors for their nation, and they stuck to their values that promoted peace to the world. “Wakanda Forever” is still being chanted, even in everyday conversation!

Black Panther also made a monumental fashion statement. African clothing has not only been a trend to wear to the movies, but people are embracing this fashion and bringing it to their lifestyle. Many are also doing “Coming to America” themed events like baby showers and birthdays.

The movie’s costume designers styled the cast in modern African patterns and a futuristic twist on the ankuras, pan-style blankets, and the accessories such as neck rings, face paint, and headgear. Local African designers have seen exponential sales growth, some even doubled, since the opening night of Black Panther. As fanfare over the film continues to grow, there is more potential for African-Americans to not only embrace and explore their history through fashion, but support these black-owned businesses.

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