Another Moment in Time

By Hakim Abdul-Ali    

Greetings to you on this special day. It’s truly a marvelous occasion to relate to one and all that during this magnificent occasion in the here and now, it is a sublime juncture to celebrate “Another Moment in Time” by uttering that “All praises are due to God Alone.”

I’m feeling that way because with all of the chaos and mayhem that’s going on locally, nationally and internationally, I feel compelled to give thanks to the Most High Alone for being alive in this moment. So, I would like for you to take it easy for just a few moments today to acknowledge how wonderful it is to here for “Another Moment in Time.”

I felt obligated to write a few lines about this special arena called “Another Moment in Time,” that’s in the living process, because it’s so blessed an occasion to be in, until I think, sadly, that sometimes some of us in “hue-manity” overlook and forget that we’ve all been afforded such an exalted and distinct experience, one more time, by the Creator Alone of everything and everyone.  Think about it.

Some us may tend to neglect that as the fragility of life plays its endless, unyielding hold cards before our mind’s eyes each and every second of everyday. Only a foolish, ungrateful and careless thinker would deny that the living experience is nothing to take for granted, especially considering the rampant escalations of universal hatreds being spread throughout the universe.

This is currently done so much until the very nature of expressing what peace among mortals is about has become a distant echo in the minds and hearts of today’s worldwide populace. As I sit back in my mental spiritual comfort zone of observing the world as it slowly fades into another diurnal dimension, I disturbingly think of what makes some ethnically diverse “colored”  folk want to kill each other for no good documented reason(s) whatsoever.

My heart aches for the families affected by the wanton and abundant use of illegal gun weaponry floating about in our communities from Florida to California and all points in between. Believe me, I’m not a cynical, biased or political novice to the game of racial or demographic “poly-tricks,” but I spiritually know that every created being  has some immense worth, and every American life has potential value.

And because of that spiritual understanding, I’ve become an appreciative being of how each precious moment in time, that’s given to me (and you) by the Most High Alone, really, really is. I also know that hatred of one’s self and the disrespect of others leads to a circus of bigoted clowns thinking injustice is right, according to his or her own twisted discriminatory views.

That’s why I step back from the fanatical maddening crowds who sow discontent because it’s about the trickery of sectarian dogmatism and the foolishness of provincial narrow-mindlessness that usually comes from their mouths and actions. I’ve come to further understand that outer peace and inner harmony comes from within and is (and must be) exported towards others with a pure God Alone loving heart and soul while we have “Another Moment in Time”.

I’m not telling you or anyone else how to think or act about interpreting what “Another Moment in Time” is in any personal norm of elucidation. These are solely my spiritual thoughts, suggesting to anyone who’s reading this, that universal peaceful coexistence must be a facilitated action on all of our parts and not mere verbal utterances from the lips of a minority of the population.

Do you feel way that too, or are you caught up in the sensationalisms of the day without fully comprehending an undeniable reality that the next moment in time is not a guaranteed sure thing for me, you or anyone else for that matter? I calmly request of you to step back and savor how sweet it is to be alive in the here and now for just “Another Moment in Time”. To God Alone I give the glory.

Again, that’s where I’m at at this moment, because I’m really trying to maintain a grip on my spiritual sanity as the chaotic world, in so many topsy-turvy foreign places, seems to be in sheer destruct modes. You name it, from the tragic, ongoing gang-infested street violence of our nation’s inner cities to the unfathomable  national and international terrorism of all kinds that is taking place all over the globe, the living process should have more meaningful importance to any and all clear spiritually minded souls.

Listen carefully! No matter what you call yourself, or what religion that you may follow or claim to be a part of, you should know that only God Alone, Who is the Creator Alone, awards life to those whom He Alone chooses. When I make that remark, I hope that you’re spiritually in sync with me because the next moment in this phase of the living process isn’t an assured arena that’s going to be granted to you, me or others just because we think that is.

No way. Life is a part of a sacred voyage to navigate to many aware souls who express an obligation to give eternal and everlasting thanks to the Creator Alone for mercifully extending one more gift of life to them to be here for just “Another Moment in Time”. I humbly ask you to think about how the “here today, gone tomorrow” scenario plays out in your mental understandings of how the universe really, really operates by the Most High Alone’s directions. Please think about that.

I would like to assume that if you’re a rational, spiritual thinker, you’re ahead of me in providing a response by saying that no man or woman knows where the hour of death will fall upon him or her, or when that solitary exodus from this phase of existence will transpire. That’s why “Another Moment in Time” should resonate loudly in everyone’s consciously mental faculties with honoring the Creator Alone with the greatest of spiritual respect and by not taking any moment in time for granted.

No one’s perfect, and I know that I’m a work in progress, in so many unfulfilled norms, until I can’t help but testify that I now know that each beloved moment afforded me is a halcyon opportunity for me to praise the Creator Alone for being here for just “Another Moment in Time.” Unapologetically, there’s no one else who I would give homage and praises to but the Most High Alone, and I don’t care who has a problem with that deeply heartfelt sentiment and allegiance of mine.

Yes, I have to state that “All Praises are due to God Alone,” and no other, because the Creator Alone is the One (Alone) Who initiates and controls the universe, including the living process. This isn’t, nor should it be viewed as, difficult complex scientific calculus, but it’s rather simple spiritual arithmetic for the wise in “hue-manity” to recognize who it is that has extended them “Another Moment in Time.” It’s only God Alone.

The Creator Alone makes no errors or mistakes. Life, in this phase of existence, is a battlefield filled with tests, trials and ordeals galore. Can I get an Amen to that? But by having faith in the Supreme Force Alone of creation and remaining to adopt patience in difficult periods of our lives, it will help us all understand more fully how costly “Another Moment in Time” is. I do, and I hope you do also. For today and always, that’s, “As I See It”.

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  1. Pedro longaray on April 24, 2018 at 10:06 am

    Brother Hak, Pedro here. Misplaced your phone number (lost phone). I’m going to be in Charlston with my girl the second week in June. Would love to see you. Send me your number. Peace. Pedro.

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