Ganaway-Pasley Announces Bid for Charleston County Probate Judge

Judge Stephanie Ganaway-Pasley

Stephanie Ganaway-Pasley is a long-time resident of Charleston, South Carolina and have served as a Summary Court Judge for over 12 years. She has filed as a candidate in the upcoming June 12th Primary election for the office of Charleston County Probate Court Judge.

She has decided to run in this upcoming election to more efficiently and effectively help and serve Charleston County citizens in the Probate Court. Her effort is to help with better care in regards to probating estates and wills for decedents, helping with immediate attention in regards to committing love ones on an involuntary treatment plan who may suffer with mental illness and substance abuse, appointing guardians and conservatorships for the elderly person(s) who may suffer from dementia, Alzheimer’s, elderly abuse and elder care mismanagement. She wants to help reduce the recidivism of our citizens; such as, adults and juveniles who are currently incarcerated with a mental illness or drug abuse charge get the treatment and care that they so direly need for their illnesses with designing better court programs so that they will be able to function in society as law abiding citizens.

Ganaway-Pasley have several degrees including Psychology and Mental Health graduating from Webster University, Charleston Southern University and Trident Technical College. Her sincere concentration and compassion is in Mental Health. She has served on the South Carolina Court Judges Association, National Judges Association, Charleston County School Community Program, and Chief Operating Officer of Pasley and Associates providing business, mediation services to private and public sectors. She has over eight years of experience addressing leadership skills, customer service, mental health and ground-breaking solutions to shift situations in several professional arenas to higher and successful levels.

Stephanie Ganaway-Pasley would like to become your next Probate Court Judge to assure that the citizens of Charleston County needs are put first in a sincere, compassionate and fair way when it comes to the interest of you or your love one. She is ready to stand for you and she humbly ask you to stand for her on June 12, 2018 (Democrat Primary) at the polls as she dedicates herself to become your next Probate Court Judge for Charleston County.

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  1. Lisa BOWMAN on June 26, 2018 at 4:10 pm

    Hi Stephanie this is Lisa Bowman I am texting you because I would like to help in any way with your campaign can you please give me a call at 8438211030

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