People Pedal CHS Kickoff Set For March 29

In 2014, Charleston Moves and the City of Charleston began collaborating to develop a “minimum grid” for moving around the peninsula by bicycle. As part of this process, over 1,300 constituents submitted their preferred bicycle routes to inform the network. After nearly four years, the People Pedal CHS plan is finally ready for unveiling. This kickoff event on March 29 is the first opportunity for citizens to get a close-up look at the finalized maps, ask questions of City and Charleston Moves staff, and learn about what’s next.

“The community has been waiting excitedly for this safe network design,” says Katie Zimmerman, Executive Director of Charleston Moves. “In order to minimize motor vehicle congestion, improve health and public safety, and provide more equitable modes of transit in a dense environment like the peninsula, we must have appropriate bicycle infrastructure. These maps give us and elected officials the blueprint for advocacy, and the city, county and state transportation staff a plan of action for the downtown area.”

Attendees will hear from Zimmerman, as well as Keith Benjamin, City of Charleston’s Director of Traffic & Transportation, and Jacob Lindsey, City of Charleston’s Director of Planning, Preservation & Sustainability. Additionally, Allen Davis, City of Charleston’s Director of Civic Design — who played a major role in creating the finalized maps and report — will have an interactive design booth.

In terms of actionable next steps, the community will be able to voice their support for implementing this plan, in addition to signing up to assist Charleston Moves in a variety of ways: surveying, installing demonstration projects, or hanging a People Pedal CHS map at their business.

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