Ill Vibe the Tribe to celebrate its second anniversary with “Art Binge IV: Terrible Two’s”

Friday, March 23 The Royal American will host master curators’ Ill Vibe the Tribe’s 2nd Anniversary party, aka “Art Binge IV: Terrible Two’s”. The collective has been making huge waves in the South Carolina art scene since 2016 and plan on bringing their two year anniversary in with the creative community.

Art Binge IV will showcase the artwork of Eddie Moore , Creatrix and Alexandria of MorowaMosai. A self-care area titled the “Woosah Station” will feature local wellness gurus Gabby Banks of Gabby Does Massage and Ashley of Wicked Candle Company.

IllVibeTheTribe will be partnering with Artist and Craftsmen again to bring a new twist to the ever popular “community mural” station, and a very special treats vendor is soon to be announced.

Live performances will be given by Shaniqua McCants and Yunoshi Lyon of ”The Voydd”, while tribe favorite, DJ SCrib will be holding down the tunes throughout the night. Art Binge IV will be a night full of dope vibes, community, art, and it wouldn’t be in Ill Vibe fashion without a few surprises up their sleeves.

Alexandria’s larger than life pieces are vibrant and help us imagine a world filled with neon, Afros and community love.

Artwork by Alexandria

Creatrix comes all the way from Atlanta, GA with an eclectic, abstract twist on afrofuturism.

Creatrix artwork

Minimalistic while still heavily detailed, only Eddie Moore could produce work that looks 2D while giving a 3D feel.

Eddie Moore artwork

Yunoshi Lyon of Columbia artist collection “The Voydd” will be hitting the stage bringing his translucent R&B vibes to fill the room.

Yunoshi Lyon

Shaniqua McCants, another SC star on the rise, brings melodic soul harmonies with vocal abilities equivalent to a lover’s touch on a warm summer night.

Shaniqua McCants

IllVibe has crafted Art Binge to be a haven for visual artists and lovers of art to intermingle and build a community. They always leave a little space for wellness, spirituality and self-care to be showcased. This time their wellness initiative comes in the form of their “Woosah Station”.

They will feature local massage therapist guru Gabrielle Banks of Gabby Does Massage, as well as Ashley of Wicked Candle Co. who will be alongside Banks vending her candles, scrubs, and other self-care products.

For more information on Ill Vibe the Tribe, visit their website.

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