Chas. County Councilwoman Anna Johnson To Host Round Table Meeting March 28

Anna Johnson

Charleston County Councilwoman Anna B. Johnson of District 8 will hold her round table discussion on Wednesday, March 28. The monthly meetings normally are held at 12:30 p.m. on the fourth Wednesday at the John’s Island Regional Library, located at 3531 Maybank Highway on Johns Island.

The guest speaker this month will be Charleston County Treasurer Mary Tinkler to discuss her new program allowing Charleston County taxpayers to pay property taxes in advance or through installments. This would provide taxpayers the ability to manage their finances by making six payments during the course of a year rather than one large payment. Charleston County Council has unanimously approved an ordinance that allows the Charleston County taxpayers the ability to sign up for voluntary installment payments in December 2018. Treasurer Tinkler and staff will also give an overview of the services offered by the Treasurer’s office.

Mary Tinkler

At the April 25 meeting, Jean Sullivan, Charleston County Community Development Director will give attendees an overview of her department. Also, various community organizations will be on hand to discuss their groups and how they assist citizens in our communities.

“My purpose for holding these quarterly meetings is to share information about County-related issues and to listen to citizens’ concerns,” Johnson said. “Each month, different speakers are invited to address topics of interest as expressed by the public.”

Citizens do not need to register in advance for the round table meetings. For more information or to provide ideas for upcoming topics, contact Charleston County Councilmember Anna B. Johnson:

By email at:

[email protected]

By phone at: (843) 795-3970

By mail at: Post Office Box 13975; James Island, SC 29422

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