Springtime is for Lovers

By Hakim Abdul-Ali  

I was just thinking about the various seasons of the year and how they affect me and others in “hue-manity.” For all the conscious lovers of being in the here and now, and who give complete credit for their existence to the Most High Alone, it’s a wonderful time of the year.

That’s where my thoughts are presently as I focus on the coming of springtime where I live and it’s truly something to behold. With winter getting ready to say au revoir, spring is announcing itself with its usual eye-catching appearances.

Complete with milder temperatures, the blossoming of dazzling flowers and stunning plants, the emergence of longer, brighter days to come and the general good vibes of being able to easily hang out more in the comfortable outdoors, this breathtaking season is truly for lovers. In my view, it’s an intrinsic journey within one’s self to experience the impressive natural wonders of springtime.

As I reflect deeply, I ponder who in his or her right mind wouldn’t love that which or what God Alone has revealed before his or her eyes. By experiencing the beauty of God Alone’s resplendent creations, it’s like confirming in your heart and soul that “Springtime is for Lovers.”

Being in love with the Creator Alone’s amazing natural phenomena is what it’s all about in my book of understanding, and to respect same is to now that the greatest love of all in any capacity is the love of God Alone and all of His creative signs. And to that claim, I also offer that “Springtime is for Lovers” who really and truly know that nature is an astonishing love song for one and all.

Sadly and unfortunately, I think many “hue-mans,” who maybe, and are, caught up in their day-to-day preoccupied struggles and ordeals, may tend to forget how wonderful “being” alive during any season of the year really is. Being upfront, I know at one point in my life, I was completely oblivious to what was naturally going on around me in my own states of being tested.

In those instances, believe me, I was deprived of thinking about and thanking the Most High Alone back then for His (Alone) mercy for allowing me to there in existence for one more second. Even with my personal avoidance of recognizing (back then) of what God Alone was exposing to me before my eyes, mind and soul, I was still being showed and extended the gift of compassion from the Most High Alone.

When I finally came to my senses in recognizing how merciful God Alone was to me and others in “hue-manity,” in spite of some of my and others’ unintentional forgetfulness, I came to see the light and beauty of the Most High Alone’s majesty in each new moment, day and season by the grace of the God Alone. I became, in a way, a renewed self-professed lover of life’s real meaning, and I began to value “being” into the seasons of nature, especially the springtime, with sincere indebtedness and joyful gratitude.

You see when I say that, I’m actually testifying openly that as signs from the Creator  Alone, the seasons of the year have serve as “love carpets” for me to stride upon, to embrace “being” alive and at peace with myself. I hope that you understand that “being” alive anywhere on God’s earth, especially in the here and now, is like walking, or treading, if you will, on the Creator Alone’s sacred earthly ground because I know to do so is a blessing from God Alone and no other.

Don’t ever take the living experience for granted. It’s too priceless and, again, it’s not a guarantee that you’ll, or I, will see the next moment, day or season. I’d like you to really, really pause and think rather deeply about that ever-present scenario. Are you thinking?

So, in this secluded section of the year between winter and summer loosely called springtime, I attest that all of nature is the ultimate miraculous love song, and I am a lover of it plain and simple. I’d like to think that as you’re reading this, you’ve initiated your “Love Jones” appreciation of and towards the Creator Alone of everyone and everything for allowing you to be here this spring. I do.

Sensing that you also may already be in that spiritual realm, I know that you aren’t opposed to me calling you, with the greatest of respect intended, a true lover of God Alone, the Creator Alone of you, me and everyone and everything in existence. If you aren’t, I must now ask, “Who in his or her right mind would, could or can deny that omnipotent recognition?” The Creator Alone is greater than everyone and everything in creation.

I don’t deny that, and I know that the Most High Alone makes no errors or mistakes in anything that He (Alone) does, plans or designs. In my spiritual heart, soul and mind, I see all the myriad seasons of the year, as best we know and understand them thus far, to be marvelous creations from God Alone’s handiworks for us to experience and abide within. Life is a test of resilience.

This particular time of the calendar seasonal year we call springtime is a fantastic time to celebrate the gift of life one more time. It’s a time for all of us who are lovers of nature and life to peacefully respect one another in a lovingly understandable manner, knowing that we’re all creations of the Creator Alone, so we have to constantly give thanks and praises to God Alone.

Each of the different seasons of the year by God Alone’s designated and mediated design has its own distinctive vibe, and each one of them causes us to adjust and conform to their overall astounding natures. We can’t change what the Most High Alone plans, or has designed for us, because when God Alone says “be” in any matter, it’s a done deal, or a wrap, in my book, and that goes for and includes the uniqueness of each season “being” what it is.

The Creator Alone knows all and by just understanding, knowingly and simplifying this profound adage of spiritual comprehension makes me, and it should you too, a lover of “being” alive with prayerful thanks in any season of the year. That sense of “being” thankful, alone, while existing in any time or clime by God Alone’s permission, tells you that you’re a loved and privileged soul to “be” selected to savor one more moment in the here and now by His Alone’s authorization.

If you know this to “be” an undeniable truth, then who are you really going to give all the praises and thanks to for your very continued existence up to this point in time and space. I don’t know about you, but I believe, and I must tell you my fellow “brotha,” or “”sista,” in “hue-manity,” that only the Creator Alone is deserving of being praised and given homage to, and I do that as a humble lover of life and nature.

Springtime is now in our midst, and I hope that you’ll love recognizing and knowing just how blessed you (and I) are to “be” able to see another moment during this remarkable season. It’s an occasion to spread love and share good wishes towards others because the next moment is not guaranteed to any of us, no matter where we nationalistically reside or territorially call home.

This sensational moment in time is all that we presently have in which to do this. So let’s take up the banner of exhibiting peace for all with hatred for none before it’s too late, while proclaiming it in our actions as “beings” who appreciate this magnificent time of the year. America needs this. I hope that you’ll do your part now, just as I trust that I’ll do mine, while all along  remembering that “Springtime is for Lovers.”  Be in love. For today and always, that’s, “As I See It.”

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